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Video subtitles:
  • 00:06: Hello dear friends many newcomers faced with problem when communicating in social networks Aprait teams which picture or video, and do not know how I do now to you I show to send a picture you must first find
  • 00:30: view to find and enter Yandex hymns in all We find meaningful words click on the pictures picture and we there is a lot paintings but we need say find some image for this introduce the words well, let's say we want find roses and write
  • 01:01: word Rose click the word find you here Yandex It gives you a lot roses just left choose We descend below See how bouquet you the most like on here such as this one good we click the left mouse button and
  • 01:30: there's a the window the door means written press open and the size of See dimensions suitable press Right-click and in the open window press already left click asleep link to a new tab open links Now click on this link and here we see
  • 02:00: nice bouquet a good pot and We decide that we need such a bouquet suit Spend some general friend about this right click click straight on drawing and dropped out window click with the left already copy buttons postponed pictures one night we click all picture
  • 02:30: Now is copied in order to Share this another picture let's go our friend classmate go to classmates and we click to another which someone although not send points and usually writes your text to
  • 03:00: could reach the right side of Misha once and left party mouse fasten according to the word insert here we insert link Now if we click send our forces crude other but we want here and add video for that we
  • 03:30: I intend to go down line and open page and again us in order to select the clip you need go to youtube hosting for this doctors write the word
  • 04:00: youtube through can not even write here many options click on the youtube bang go find youtube Video fingers again we click once
  • 04:32: address bar here now we have I explained this line song that we We would like to find such as find Alexander Serov if Madonna write 10 write Madonna Here's how it
  • 05:06: clips sings a song but we choose to start no complaints and Stripes look listen example for us than send it to someone this can not be right mouse clicking not learned by itself cheeses and drop
  • 05:30: window open links new tab and from cilium but can open here link opened and pressing the left button mouse clicked and can listen to clip all clip we hear return back here where we found and
  • 06:00: now we need to copy this video clips do not take Link to this summing here again Alexandr Ozerov Madonna right a button mouse clicking and a pop-up window click the left button click to copy address links once we go back to classmates and
  • 06:32: add very well Now we have added this link right mouse clicking set presented but here it Tarasenko it is now if we have left to send How big bangs on This small window your friend get one great paintings nothing is more important than 1 songs
  • 07:01: This concludes the lesson on thank you for attention Thank you