"Кувшинки" with a stuffing. Festive buffet reception  See details »

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  • 00:05: Hello everyone today We will prepare very Beautiful and Delicious snack for any holiday table I call lily this recipe is already many years and often prepare it is not our family, we required some bulbs better to take a bow slightly elongated then explain why lemon juice to us need chopped dill
  • 00:31: 2 eggs liver Bank Cod is not great piece red pepper to decoration and also a slice of cucumber fresh we too will use for ornamentation So the first thing prepare onions onion cut half and start disassemble it in components carefully trying not to no damage
  • 01:01: petal us need here such here bulbous so one cup bulbs we are me to do because all the same they want to They were of the same size something like this more that's the way then we take a knife and nice start cut edge of our lily
  • 01:36: inner film just as we remove the outer more like this worked up end of each cup that he It turned out just such a gear and zamarinuem our bulbs next we you prepare the marinade as usual in half apple cider vinegar with adding water March 2
  • 02:01: teaspoons of sugar I added a little vegetable oil literally half teaspoon spoon get this such that the marinade we cover our lilies and future leave 40 minutes they began to marinated Meanwhile deal cooking stuffing for stuffing we need two eggs that we flow through gets cut
  • 02:32: jar cod liver previously with wherein on salt butter cut a small and a slice of lemon immediately sprinkle with liver Falcon that it was This is not a millstone case, it turned out that she did fatty foods then I will mix
  • 03:03: I take a little piece red Pepper and I did it 5 small cubes sell cars than here and there adds a little chopped dill filling is ready
  • 03:31: then I will prepare cucumber which I will be installed our water lilies and can be simply use Cucumber slices can do it for correlate say so use combined cucumber for this we require any no appetite special knife for combining to have whom it is not easy you can even make out cover if you do not special knife for to the beliefs we do not suitable ordinary canning lid which may well gently remove and and and
  • 04:01: get thinned grooves and now we shall cut thin slices Cucumber they have obtained here are more curly obtained stuffing can add little mayonnaise to filling become so creamy Basically it can be goes further, we take dish on which will spread Our lilies and
  • 04:33: legalize it slices of cucumber our lilies I marinate I put the pieces onions on the Duma to they had to drain and now we have we just stuff Our major water lily Prepare the filling and put on a slice
  • 05:00: cucumber and that's what we It happened with you eventually this dish is very beautiful and original looks on the table trust plus the the whole is still very I wish all delicious Bon Appetit and holiday mood all until and until we meet again