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  • 00:04: Hello today I want to talk about This small but very useful device Kokoshko the authorities have long been part of our life and we use it all the time when we need to move information the son of a single computer another Now the sale you can find a huge They differ in the number of sites dimensions and the shape and popcorn after them made of metal, plastic, which is held material
  • 00:31: they differ in volume, you always You can pick up the one in which the nominal value but nevertheless he has a spoon all 1 the same that have all this here so off the beaten connector that allows us to connect Hear device directly quotas our computer Your computer has the appropriate m connectors and connectors for ultrasound everywhere devices including in Poland he usually is in the latter cases
  • 01:00: models Now these people have on connectors the front of the body for example here in this case, there are two connectors on lesbian front panel also found 10 cases of action End Connector on the side panel or wherein the top panel in general, it all depends on specific body from the manufacturer and from your choices when you buy housing also you You can always find connector road on the back surface of your body since the back surface of your
  • 01:30: housing you you can see part of the motherboard, and Accordingly, all the connectors are We noted at this point in the board is the number of voters Street It depends on your specific like this motherboard there can be 2 and 4, 6 and 8 is all depends on the motherboard when we win four connectors Lady and therefore I can loose yourself connect up to four devices beat her Yes, I have met with such a situation that connection electoral commission stick ap at the reception
  • 02:03: computer sometimes deceived fire that is the operating system is not defined Poland storage device so what it can be connected honestly say because I do not know the reasons It can be mass it can be injured himself near ports she was just a wrong connection department who is on the case as the motherboard in general, the reasons may be plenty if you encounter such a situation, my recommendation is just plug
  • 02:30: flags on the back of the computer directly to the terminal which It is located on the motherboard but even then most likely if it's not the flag that is all forces the world is damaged was damaged connector needs everything will normal wind systems will determine the price the leader of the bad work if you can If you have a laptop ton Notebook Features but laptops latest models have at least two beating device but this little netbook, and I have
  • 03:02: three devices to scare away Pippi beaten connector and which is arranged side weigh nand panels but now let's see how you can or how to work with a spoon I am now under the new conditions of newcomers We see goals his laptop connector if you have a flash drive flexibility boats but it lights up as if
  • 03:31: connect the flash drive on the knife we ​​begin flow and voltage that is It takes place the boxes of food and respectively illuminates the indicator automatically flag me determined and here at the bottom of the office in Montreux there is such a Congo that suggests that to my was connected to the computer he It was connected and beating apparatus this case is that FDI automatic wine starts program guide generally
  • 04:00: content flash card that is given the information I It is just the same on the flag right now involved in the infamous line in order that you can see why if you visiting Now if you change the mind computer I see here the hunt for removable storage outcome removable devices removable drive I had him he was one of my flash drive It was awarded to the following Trend speech And this time the search for Removable Disk speech all by itself its interface beaten
  • 04:32: grows here this here connectors and Uzbeks allows so-called hot disable means that you can just pick up and bowl removed from the connectors and do not necessarily seem to be as to restore it kakimito us software that is on idea in order to properly disable flags you need to go to these twice so that the icon a window will appear safe extraction devices which will be listed all kia wait device that are connected to your computer
  • 05:00: you can select the type of the contribution of schools grandmother stop there will be more detail painted information about the device for example if you have multiple devices connected you can for example the name of the device to define what it is because it is often here sale name appears flash drive manufacturer me right here clearly states that this flash drive so I have to stop so If you feel a click to buy and all that no list of equipment
  • 05:30: It can be removed and as you can see delicacies power ceased to burn LED flash that is, the power was shot and now I can seeking safety If we now re-established but it's how you see there New 'window is not opened by the plaintiff their content guide data flash why not make sense, always disconnect USB stick here in this way, even
  • 06:00: given the fact that the fight if client allows like as safe to pull out connectors The fact that her operating system and what the program can address Kvasha checkboxes for example, you can run a file or or even some sort of what that process It can run computer which refers to the moment the flash drive and if you remove the search at this point of the your computer it can happen you give to their loss of data on your flash drive and even the principle of such damage devices
  • 06:31: if such a point that in oxen that moment when pull out the flash drive and the computer connector made any particular treatment copy or record the kidneys Novoship tolgoi necessarily file search system An error has occurred which can also lead to data loss to the same flag may just stop work correctly, and then in this case, you will only complete formatting but be sure to pay attention if you want to check boxes
  • 07:00: promote when suddenly it happened m the cat left to work properly 103 how to format the Lyskovo and you need to necessarily a limited formation in e.g. your hard disk before how you will format the cat to flags format you only have such my computer recently selected device that is a flag to cause context menu and here select merchants in the context menu formatting to open the formatting window where you need to carry out a full check
  • 07:30: formatting the flash drive is not place the tick quickly Tarakanov in this format case will help as you were injury file system so you need really like to create a legal system again so you need to make sure full format and then you have to press button to start maybe that is a situation such you what that process is running on the computer either the operating system or some sort program It refers to my own way at the moment
  • 08:01: and if you try to turn off the flash drive with using here but this is how the kidneys security because devices it but you will stand out a little window who warned you about that at the moment the Polish private affair such things shove installation total program team and now I will try include a USB flash drive Now he can see that a new window appears problem when removing them not stating that
  • 08:30: this outbreak now could not be off is likely if you coping such warning see what programs it is running maybe you from a flash drive there is reading or recording Sometimes it's a situation that you open the command Gia you try to turn off the flash drive and all is not equal to nothing is not get operated as a team not happening Kvasha handling something In this case, you either need to close total command change it to another disk that is to
  • 09:01: here at the gate Nemtsov total commander is not It displays the contents of the flash drive in This way you can okay painless freely search disable if for example the flash drive alas chtolibo copy control will take tap to search for them on which the desktop and I copy to the flash drive you'll see that when you copy Slavin it flag LED blinks find this indicates that there is appeal or a program or operating
  • 09:31: system to hear and read occurs recording information, at this point include in any case not be removed of computer games since but this case, but almost one hundred percent likely you will damage filesystem your principle search promote though of course you may be right is a this and the south they do not draw on that cat began to work properly in any case, to do so and I do not I recommend but now let's summarize all
  • 10:01: above to remove safely remove your cat from computer omv and I recommend you use safely Remove devices that window because this case, if you have some sort of happening which either work with flash for the process or programmok not seek you you that will tell you about it warn if you just remove the flash drive there is a chance that you a look or the device itself or Pavel
  • 10:30: device system therefore I recommend it acts exactly here such here way