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  • 00:00: written video articular gymnastics Gymnastics is your You will be engaged long hope I will be here making every effort in order to achieve good beginning gymnastics I will tell you if the time at which We need to pay account in the process gymnastics and each skin exercises barely tell we have a a few moments on that we pay This is the first of the extremely
  • 00:33: breathing thing and not difficult when they are not too hard and I will try explained that there clear the first part breath it seemed Breathe in breathe out but at the same time we are trying to dial air light to her, and when you exhale truth to say a word but for this you exhale all kind Globe hatches yet take a deep breath and inhale again
  • 01:04: the last time at home and 2 part of it is more difficult it cleaner what we do here, we or click here collect water tiles and you so you through tightly compressed lips this air is thus we try to joined when you exhale and scribbling
  • 01:32: be postponed for belly and monitor and second time on we again this is how we do exercise all gymnastics built so that just exercise It brings only favor but not nonsense therefore it is necessary try each exercise we do the right thing
  • 02:01: We focus on the each of all the exercises collected with this in the visage so the first time attentively take a look try to make exercise slowly if you do not have time figurines well then, over time, If you already see process the game is not in the title means the first coin breathing and second moment is how I I make exercise Well right now themselves exercise
  • 02:30: with the first exercise which we begin gymnastics this Muffet variable and the addition means here the most important to knees always and noses, and not He showed mahi make wide and 2 0 to colleagues and not just bent We sit on and do not forget about what we are breathing and you how to make the most the visual part
  • 03:00: excreta are ports and both on this, too, he support can be tax side as the the main thing that you want to We are running strictly on hips and knees when baking us now show legs above the floor is wider step knees straight We try to throughout exercises to keep tummy sucked in himself
  • 03:30: additional region of the abdominal muscles following exercise I show that we We are doing exercise on perfect side performance exercise is when we lay the body in one line and tummy buttocks slightly drawn elbow Now try these exercise be just need to Volga legs straight and exercise, we draw Cullen fly a little to the side and Teller and more
  • 04:03: one-two-three-four you to Tallinn wicker food one-two-three-four-times two-three-four there doing exercises necessary and try to our our shoulders not Now off question which when you start it sweat did not evidence
  • 04:30: I will specifically that contains additionally tummy try to stem barely keep mark in no case learn to fling control every to a spout I saw steel work just
  • 05:12: always try to Zaruba come work on
  • 05:41: spoons seen Tatiana on the floor because they just little will
  • 06:05: arms forward as you exhale are drawn to cats when burning maximally draws control
  • 06:30: perfect if you suddenly have happened exacerbation of massage waist and exhalation exercise, We go down buildings period always watch for order little chin they let go forward down and only forward and types of species exercise it here catch here is how time
  • 07:01: deposits when maximally I begin to unfold do while You see the thing as you returned 23 diplomat I this exercise expands very well and replacement development
  • 07:32: illustrated knee forward as much as possible for the great media and brought Spock's beady eyes for a long time and scenario or late forward many and complicate the necessary I just went where Stalin back Piglet on We made a full circle foot through the top and They took as much as possible farther back, and once again forward back forward
  • 08:03: ago while else to do part He fixed the forehead clearly captures our body and leg straight and total every moment to the battery if These knees and the most important thing alternately changing it looks like a knee on the bike
  • 08:31: but we clearly bent knee bent bent and elections the same exercise on the floor with his head and this upper pounding snowballs on knee exhale, bent elbow knee and inspiratory They took as much as possible more elbow back back and forth breath Megan and 3 part of it
  • 09:01: exercise from great for my possible on knee and exhale Yulechka Now back to the diagonal let us once again forward forward back Now I will explain which do not exercise do he was on his knees here it is very important to follow
  • 09:30: for while working your back when various brands side back any options we try to Our back was motionless try while nails are not bend your elbows only when you thus we remove a group figures joints back straightening a present Only forward and when you do different Mahi our loins work should not must clearly
  • 10:00: fix this zone not include if we want to I strayed from this only more than the first an exercise which we do it swings hand and knees We took back knee as high as possible in side I dropped down took the leg of spite again towards the back towards the back you see that my shoulders dream of me only work the thigh just here
  • 10:31: works certified joint exercise flanges doing stretching omit side of the body looks forward can be omitted buttocks ago heels take pen the next Exercise a move back we summed knee Lieutenant chest down and exhale taken
  • 11:00: leg back at the same time the unit is on the floor forecast forward back breath breath breath back exhale breath exhale allegedly bit rounded back and flexes its following exercise knee pulled up shoulder straightened leg back and made a move should try to leg swings we employ only
  • 11:30: in parallel plane yet just knee to shoulder back side of me 1 34 be careful to back you had motionless shoulders are not We went to shake There was a clear recorded and again at the end exercise we do for each stretch
  • 12:04: very difficult an exercise try to make maximally right here a lot work again show parallel in any plane case does not include loin back straight 3 leg positions went to side magician made back and I try to take on diagonally another one-two-three waist
  • 12:30: not included 1 three and separated again. I will show you now several exercises which makes is on the abdomen and here the most important thing fix your body on the elbows I try them work and find comfortable position which you maximum feel
  • 13:03: comfort execution exercises Home an exercise which we do it shears back legs raised possible only especially splits knees record taxi wheel your focus and work magic itself Head to the amplitude Mach was a small should we feel that It is working here this zone and we always show
  • 13:32: keep zatylochek loves and back and and the second part of the leg such TERVOLINA floor raised drying raising hairpins back on the exhale housing and
  • 14:03: pent you only exercise an element or books that is performed in its applets training apparatus here the most important thing knee as you exhale tighten as much as possible pay through closer club to straighten buckle back and do nail again until 2 1 2 3 4 at
  • 14:33: this note that my elbows locked housing and about a an exercise quite complicated in the same time try to point out to work here again as Pedro this We try Affairs look knee and back and yet look at this as it has a body
  • 15:00: lies strictly on the floor for only Mom went back the bridge back and side an exercise try everything then again just sanyo fix elbows Nikolina Balka cover you
  • 15:31: Statement allot maximally whether on the side the world and the plant it forward put in front of the knee spinochku rich vitamin palto fix just side we currently storming streaks knees a skill breath guys that