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How to make a rug from old unnecessary things with own hands  See details »



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  • 00:00: I showed a few days ago I do mat which was looking for a year but I More doing mats boy knitted just out of the old sheets even from towels here and as someone who is I like you You can tell that let's do I like it at first old sweater or shirt old I am doing
  • 00:30: the so-called yarn I do yarn knit that is, I I cut probably all know how it cut if you do not know that even I can make a video as here are cut here stripes knitting yarn is wonderful and I can show and tell Now as also here with using netting can prepare pigtails because and you can hook knit these mats imperceptibly that the hook knit they are obtained soft ride up and
  • 01:00: better still started then weave the braid already what to do and then these braids or glue impose a circle, or because he rectangle triangle or square, or that or just a friend the friend that Hemming I'm going to show pigtail means yarn yarn desirable Of course that's wound in the glomerulus prepare and here such that the pigtail I have already made and tell What matters very simple and easy to me
  • 01:30: 1 ton here this pigtail and I will say mat will do wind like this here is so cash here will be admissible hemming and eventually in I get a very priyatnenko good mat so I can also lots of use tape and yarn so that's how it do I do when without the help of anything without the hook recipe by hand . 1
  • 02:01: this is what I have I showed here that is, that's the method which is shown but I you'll show you how It can be on two fingers also weave braid We started early I do But then loop
  • 02:30: this loop I impose two finger in the form of vosmerochki like this Here's a video vosmerochki then that's the way call it what you chain on envy and thread superimposed on Now the finger I spend on forefinger and doing the same thing that case 4 only
  • 03:00: the next round of the same most here I'll show you in Basically this is what there already I have here there is as beautiful it turns out braid it easy and quickly and that is here I am now on the air out and I can do zagotovochku for their rugs here it is called if I braided weaving
  • 03:30: rezinochkami the name of this estimate plexus chain but It is not just she chain It has obtained the shape of a cube with all sides four sides it has in it to know and to stenochki hand, yes that is It is obtained surround cube I show how I I am doing here
  • 04:00: but this joint crossroads of here cloth I'm here on this tour sang easy easy such as the harness braid want and call you when using two fingers and without special without hook without anything