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"Муравейник" cake; in 10 minutes  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good afternoon! Today I offer you a new cake: "Anthill". This cake is a very "quick recipe". If you have just 10 minutes to make something tasty and sweet, then this cake is - just for you! So, what you need to do?
  • 00:33: The list of products under the video Take cookies. It must be crumbed. It can be done in a food processor or by hands Like this. Have your cookies crumbed.. This cake is very good to do with the kids: they can do cookies crumbing.
  • 01:03: And the children have something to do. And you can make the cream in the meantime Well, in general, it is necessary to crumb all cookies. the last cookie. Ok, look at that There are small curmbs..., large ones..., you see ? pieces of different sizes:some are bigger some are smaller. something smaller. of course, some ones will be very small
  • 01:34: Now we can make cream. Take condensed milk. The Condensed milk should be already boiled. or boil it yourself you can boil it at home,with kids Thus, put it in the bowl, where we will be whipping it. Whip the condensed milk.
  • 02:07: It is not that thick now. Now take the sour cream. Whip it now with sour cream. Good. Now take some butter. It is soft.
  • 02:37: Now take the nuts.Well, I have only nuts today there are bigs and small nuts Take them as they are. Mix it all together Like that.
  • 03:10: Like this and now mix everything together Mix the cream with the biscuits. mix it until it is a homogeneous mixture all cookies should be imbued with the cream. Look, what consistency it should be.
  • 03:47: all cookiesin the cream, It's neither a liquid nor a thick mass. If you suddenlyput a little more condensed milk, then you need to addmore cookies. Okay, spread it on a plate. Of course the most convenient to put in on plate. You can put in any form you want to
  • 04:19: But I'm putting it on a plate,like that like an anthill. in this way finish in the middle. in this way Make a hill. Put it in offhandedly form When it hardens, it will lookbeautiful. nice hill.
  • 04:55: When you go on vacation somewhereand want something sweet, there no time to make something fancy this cake is just for you and you can make with children, andthe children have something to do, and it is just delicious,and you can buy products in any store, wherever you might be. In this way.
  • 05:25: Grate some chocolate on the top. You can use any grater There's a special greater for chocalate But I don't have itI have a regular grater. I use a milk chocolate because of the kids. But you can take any,even black but I think white it is not necessary: ​​the white colorIt does not quite fit here Black or milk chocolate looks like ants
  • 05:56: Here we grated the chocolate. it looks like ants Now sprinkle the cake with all these In this way,as though there are a lot of ants. And the chocolate melts in the hands! therefore, it is necessary to put itfast. And now look at this beautiful cake It looks like an anthill. Chocolate -like ants. A real anthill!
  • 06:26: Now it should beput in a refrigerate for ahalf an hour or an hour, until it is completely cold. And then you can cut and eat it! Here's the cake! Bon Appetit!Try it, I think you will like it Thanks for being with me today, subscribe to my channel. Bye, bye!