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Video subtitles:
  • 00:06: knitted stitches connect two webs you can use the Katarzyna and your bank program new blind pixels or as they are called bollards that's the way we do the first peak targeted grabbing one thread
  • 00:32: sided chambers people and suddenly the internet against yet though workers loop peeps body was Kuyun loop and thus when you war spiders
  • 01:00: if the reactor is doing something in the soul drinks rubles reinforcements acquiring mid anchoring Ed paintings and the chief in this way we we we fix Ryazan or not can you do it to thread the pigtail or you the pigtail
  • 01:33: that's the way Do so send Change inside column
  • 02:00: columns that's the way the web is sufficient thick so kelly we'll see what kind of turned seam has turned out here is a neat
  • 02:32: dense and do