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  • 00:00: hello everyone and everyone welcome back to the recycling channel and the reuse today as you come we are going to use rings not long ago that no we made this type of recycling and we're going let's do something that I have been asked some time ago and had not been able make video and it's a pendant or a choker to make a set with
  • 00:35: this type of earrings we had done previously if you remember it, of course I what I had done were bigger successes of those little ones and we're going to make a choker that matches with I also want the earrings show other earrings that I did with another ring color and in this case Use a wire of the same color as the rings
  • 01:08: Many people ask me how I paint and now it's them since if you win the he painted these girls come from this color and I took advantage of it like this slope is very nice and also can do what we are going to do today with this type of rings that if given account are those that are square let's use the round today but It can also be done with the stables
  • 01:38: both the earrings and what we are going to do now well for what we're going to do today that is the choker like I repeat we are going to use rings let's use a couple of strips round we need two more pieces of chain or less than 15 centimeters depending as long as we want we will need also
  • 02:09: a lock or key for the chain we are also going to need pricked pliers to cut and those of fold or mold we're going to need something jazz silvery ballads and the rings are silvery or whatever the colors
  • 02:39: state rings nor these gems I do not buy them and I do them and for that we're going to need if you do not they have this kind of jewelry but we are going to need wire and wire in common and current does not need to be specific for jewelery and to make that too we will need 22 bright waves in this case I'm going to use two needles that is the point that serves me
  • 03:12: perfectly for what I want to do and that's all for now as you know The first thing we have to do is remove what the rings have this one has here it takes off and bends a little back and squeezed so that the ring does not remain with anything that rubs here
  • 03:42: rubbing after doing this with all the rings what we have to do is wash the after washing them we will need about 15 rings everything depends on the size that you want to be the choker and let's take the rings that are already clean and we are going to Take it in Alicante or think about talking and everything in the middle and we doubled doing what same as we did when we made the
  • 04:13: pending the bent then we're going to stay thus this we will do with all that be and is that we have let's leave this on the side and I'm going to tell you how I do the anaya the little squirrels or ballads like the two doha wings of my case or rods that you have and the wire
  • 04:43: it's very simple I do not know if any video had already indicated them but by if anything, it 's good in my case the only What I do is wrap the wire returning in the two rods the amount that we need I'm going to remove the key we have left so we
  • 05:19: it's like an oval dock and here but in the way that is endorsed and let's cut by one of the sides we take the clip or alicante of cuts We were cutting and how can you
  • 05:50: see, the Ballad squirrels that are what we're going to need as well as I do them and they are those now my mo families we have doubled and we have already ready and prepared let's start making a cut and go to cut here in this way the court that we need that is made to start forming what
  • 06:24: that would be the the choker we are going to start with four let's form the choker with 5 to This principle depends on each taste and that in five or more or less as we take the first two and put the
  • 06:57: rings in this way like the next one and now let's join these two with another ring of which we have cut simply enter a mile into the cut
  • 07:27: we will continue doing the same until we have five rings up and 4 below when we finish putting the rings we are going to try that the cut that we have fact that it is closed we put the last mile and it's good
  • 08:00: how is this 5 in the part from above and four in the bottom then now let's take the rings or ballads that we just did and we're going to join here with this one in her with being goya forgiveness we join the two rings that lift it
  • 08:32: there is here then so that we It is good that we are not going to move we have to tighten well is something already that we just put when he did the earrings asked me a lot and that's why we had that squeeze well this is something over there that we just put you have to press the chair in account since they give these two
  • 09:07: firm and no longer move here where we just could and these two is no longer moving we do the same with the other couple who is this and this one we have another couple fixed here we put the next couple or
  • 09:37: minimum as another ring is today the back and I'm going to close the ring first and now to tighten now let's continue with the next row we cut now to three miles
  • 10:08: and let's join where we put long and let's put the ring remember that we have to try to close this opening that we made in the rings for that does not come out in the same place
  • 10:40: where we put long I put the payroll these last three rings that we put the same thing that we had done before with one of the crackers we come here these two is already fixed the third row of rings
  • 11:12: let's now cut two rings as well we have been reducing the number of rings as we were going down the islands where We put security languette then let's go to put the return now we join these two rings
  • 11:49: thus we have here and we the last water would be missing the last line but we open the last league and we put it here at end of everything and with that we would have formed what would be the part of the choker that would be with them though
  • 12:19: we still need to ensure the first We put so we turn around and with more stolen gorditas we are joining the couples these two rings then we would have to join these two and so on until we achieve facto good is not that we already have all this has assured we will use hairlines round the chain and and the lock that
  • 12:50: we had for chains or some kind of porsche then we take a ring we put enap first from above we hooked up with the chain and we close to the other side we do the same thing a little gem the
  • 13:20: chain and we close you like that and here what we have to put the twine for to put security now on the other side
  • 13:50: we do we simply put a ring to be able to close and now is ready we are left like this we are going to try how we would look good and that it's today's job that we would have left ok with this these earrings it would be a good set friends and friends
  • 14:23: I hope that the work of iu has liked I hope he does too and in the end complicated the request he had Asked for nothing this is all for now and see you in the next video until next time