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  • 00:00: let me tell you that we are going to need me in my case for my doll I need approximately 16 to 18 rings We will need and long island number once that's what I always use you can use the colors and in this one occasion to do the gray and the black to the
  • 00:30: gates to for this button here in the extremes obviously rings and is the number of miles depends on how thick they have the wrist and needle and thread to paste the buttons and well we started taking two rings well and we're going to place one on top of the another but in this way no couples and no well in half and we're going to join with
  • 01:02: 22 points answers to our chains we open the rings we take another and the we put it in the same way that we have placed the previous one and joined it with the kids points we're going to do three
  • 01:34: chains we take another one and we put it on the same way with the same points and well let's go together like this until we have the last if in this case I have 123456789 rings then up to number nine
  • 02:10: I'll explain what we're going to do and so the ring number 9 and we're going to make three chains we are going to open and we are going to place another girl but we're going to put it like that then we close and we also join with two videos together they make our chains makes that we put the first
  • 02:43: group of the second round we are going to start working like this in this view then we are going to take another nor there and we are going to place it like this on top of this one and we're going to unite it with two videos points we went to the following buildings and we are going to join this ring with that of the return
  • 03:14: the first round with two half tips they also make our chains we opened the ring and it is already and placed we take another one and we repeat the step we are going to place like this with two means points we went to the next building to
  • 03:45: join this mile with the one of the turn the first round two half tips also then three chains we open and we are going to repeat these steps until we get to the end here not even the deadlines and jackie only happened to this one they no longer say our chains but I'm going to spend
  • 04:17: here to this tab and I'm going to make you six children points then let me make three chains passed to this one to this group to the next and then two half points after three other chains it happens to me
  • 04:57: another spreadsheet and also the children points and so we will go repeating these steps of 22 points three chains makes us get here where the corner are going to make six other media points just like we did here they say doubles to those who go in the
  • 05:46: corner because we need to weave over the part to wait after we wanted the 62 points in this one we are going to spend here this side and we're going to make two half points and then we make other chains we went to this one from the corner and let's make six half points after three chains we went to the
  • 06:22: corner of this two half points three chains we can this one and also the videos points is he's basically repeating the steps what we did in this line the other side here next to the corner and as
  • 06:53: we also need to weave on the part wait we're going to make him his double and we proceed to make the 610 points we move on to the next building and we make the last two half points and already here we take this point of the
  • 07:27: corner and we close with a point defense of that turn now only touches us up with chain and go around a half point all around here in these chains what I'm going to to do is to put the cancho and make two half points
  • 07:57: happened to me later to the point is not this but it is in the middle let's go as reducing and I make a midpoint happened to me these three chains and also mounted two means points there it happened to this one who in the middle and I make a half point
  • 08:27: then the three chains and the two media points and so on let's go going around until we got here where we start here I'm getting to where I started and what I'm going to do is close with a slip stitch and here I'm going to cut this thread to start a or the two turns in half point around well in this way continue through all the
  • 09:15: back to get here and we're going to give another turn coming up with a chain and repeating the midpoints here comes to the end and I'm going to close with a desired point too and already here I can cut the thread but I'm not going to
  • 09:48: return here with pure points slipped then here we are going to do 2 3 4 5 6 7 7 chains and we are going to join them here in the middle with a point has slipped and then we go back to doing other 1 2 3
  • 10:27: 4 5 6 7 and we launched an Iraqi in the corner also with a point has slipped those are going to serve us for button the buttons and here we can cut the thread and call so you do not
  • 10:59: take off the buttons will go on the other end and they will be placed with the needle and thread and that's it the bracelet rites bracelet I liked it, I hope you will
  • 11:31: you liked it and you know you subscribe you think and I have new videos every Friday and accepted suggestions thank you and we're going until the next