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Repair of the sewing machine step 3. Bobbin: a tension and gas station - YouTube \u000d\u000a\u000d\u000aAs it is correct to insert a bobbin and as it is correct to make a thread tension in a bobbin.  See details »



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  • 00:05: Now check filling the bobbin podymem box is not drag bobbin family Bobbin do not fall with an open check box once we let go of the box Only once fall
  • 00:31: So insert bobbin spiers Holder's set the STC PM on white background and see how She looks closer here there the slot's slot goes obliquely then so we will and go to the thread in the that is the right side try it fill
  • 01:00: Stick to the bobbin finger abs thread He jumped into the slot further we stretch under pressure plate and wait click here click there was a mean some went their the right position if they click then do not follow
  • 01:30: It is wrong to hammers can jump and generally pick dodge all anything to do Now check Are we right set bobbin spiers holder only should spin the opposite away from our filling that is, if we have as it was not But if that's so see nothing Right to left side of that is us slot was right
  • 02:00: left spool means It must be twisted in If the opposite direction slot entered the other side means bullet should spinning in the opposite side direction and thread so check for it pulls the thread how many of us spinning in the same direction where we refueled thread that is against clockwise and we ask him counter-clockwise arrows on the bobbin for the correctly wrong to do simply and
  • 02:30: turn pull turns and insert again check all shkurochka we rotates clockwise arrow against as there is a thread wonderful it We need to the thread is not gaining converting the the stones and tangled inside and it can also be due to This makes the breakage
  • 03:00: we are all for the right Right-click in we had made after insertion of a thread all dressed with back slightly We put in the box who looks Top it should get there in the grooves about and if we presses the bobbin must also be a small click
  • 03:30: to make it It should snap Now this flag latched and as it comes All have lock on click happened, we They crushed all fine thread you can hide inside from her close and pull it through turning and small sticking
  • 04:00: the upper thread scrolls thread We walked around the shuttle and take out her upstairs But if seen 2 not we got here it is the second thread all Refill and try sew and so more
  • 04:31: an important point about bobbin here I both he and the bobbin different machines with 1 table which machine and table 2 machine, I get it Now that with a table here there about the pressure spring She now talk and it is here too there is a spring but with one floor cog is how to adjust thread tension then take the first from the first bobbin bobbin with two screws January 1 screw this one here
  • 05:01: discover how to secures the presser itself plate and the second is adjusting here silent adjustable thread tension at this one bobbin clamping end plates come into inside spool holder and there is only one he is a cog adjusting it here how to regulate them correctly adjust spring-loaded, we need to adjusted for Different sizes are not so if you put
  • 05:30: thicker than I was after on become slimmer you line may also I may be too be too dodge muscle tear in this case, and pull out the pin check how regular check The easiest way he is now I tell it to take bobbin raising the string she should have hung not down spontaneously and a little shake and as if you spool
  • 06:01: Holder with spool of lung shakes goes down it is considered the correct tightening more or less than average almost everywhere so setting the machine they are perfectly behaved when sewing We do the same this spool here we have it hanging and even a little wit a bit much tightened as possible and let take I'm otvertochku here March can even it does not, he's not here
  • 06:31: strongly tightened just tucked up now it went more easily great if it once you falls bobbin means necessary tighten the screws all Now all our shkurochki threaded correctly and the pressure spring, too correctly adjusted and all insert refueled our cars and We are trying to sew