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  • 00:02: Now I will talk about what it browser summer what is worthy to It means any general browser has the most popular because internet explorer internet explorer Company microsoft browsers that
  • 00:31: It comes together with itself in fact it is popular as a time just because not because these people are not very well versed in computers and not just about enjoy the fact that but advance although in fact this browser not the most nevertheless it is the most popular because Do all the pleasure is worth
  • 01:01: and each wine steep browser second father popularity mozilla firefox not translated purchased alice mozilla it company name is properly the browser makes this browser
  • 01:30: perhaps uniquely called one of the best if in this very but I think in theory it should on the first place in popularity so now if boats he was set initially Mendus this successful stand me is something so with them on their own ford focus rubles about Only I have installed completely
  • 02:00: Fox soon it reaction in his view it the same in force Once it Optimized for a bit words developers term means that the optimized Goal Well it works a little bit faster smaller memory area
  • 02:30: so on the whole the same as yours Fox But a little bit better and faster as I have computers and modern tonnes for me such as critical what's the program takes up less space memory and slightly faster work but in general they are absolutely the same one only that it is only the abolition of the gun pm and firefox and it will be written that firefox
  • 03:02: actually a plus but it firefox browser plus it is that he very stable and most importantly it has a mechanism additions here can see Now I have installed a number of additions such additions when
  • 03:30: mini applets that installed in the browser itself expands its capabilities eg but this is now complement it He recognized advertising Page dedicated just to show this is in addition allows you to download it's all such a site youtube on which key interesting water rabbits with this additions can be download these videos myself in conflicts Well, an hour in the performance will not
  • 04:01: narrate he just so here's an interesting mechanism it set a browser you in it that does not like if you that something is missing and you just point set additions that he Does this make the browser what you want and here you can have firefox practically but they have
  • 04:30: a lot of things can be added here here so maybe anyone there anything you want so with this means then there is still a browser yes it is in the first place so often neglect Well Iran It was popular in Russia
  • 05:02: I do not know where 20 five years ago probably the peak of popularity right now is not so popular very similar in general principle for design Now all browsers attempt design But if you Powder your channel also come out of a button push and does not replace the main menu that is, it is important minutes if desired
  • 05:35: this is important but as that without it without it would be prettier so until someone in April little different in appearance and functionality OPFR coke even in addition mils added previously there were none all very requested slipped on a carriage
  • 06:01: developer Further but Tanya was late with this so a half hour unpopular but in Russia, in principle, from the left the normal number of people who use this browser that we have not admitted their time in this browser out there there is such a cube mode which year later than May this
  • 06:31: several times he usually 4 times and which also saves traffic people who you pay the ambassador providers that's because right now it is already in full bezlimitki this option is in principle already but when I sat on the alimony Internet greatly saved probably right on Peru Poland more to say so that nothing
  • 07:00: ie here of the two, I would still really If the voters of renovation putin wherein at Old Trafford more popular Now he's got a great addition Kiev is still one of the two points it was then that the sometimes fools he said close your ie areas or closed yes Embassy normal sometimes very long closes another in memory for a while and strength getting very unpleasant
  • 07:31: so many of course have to still tell the browser protocol google chrome as part Not sure, that I wrote I beg Code but he
  • 08:05: but this browser google company many have heard properly very good base that chooses its path polarity that's someone even predict that next year and in 2012 m it and it comes out on second place popularity that is on the ground now!
  • 08:31: internet explorer the second hour in the well automotive industry on the third hour here and predict that the popularity of still come in second not a fact but of course, in principle, but it popularity means necessary Besides the same system that is suitable to all He posed and implementation of the plan true
  • 09:00: upload precedent thanks to these the full it is clear that here I did not like stage like as he rightly Jora Libya we slow computers even at medium noticeable even such a thing which is not very strong because I like is the fact that payment of the browser chrome he data where on the Internet the hospital
  • 09:30: for any page from here so this sends to the corporation in the year that is, it can not be options like it shut off that is actually is a constant surveillance of each users but data collection and these data are then used eg Internet advertising i.e for example if you
  • 10:01: visit page then fell automotive theme looks there idle toy cars as a pictures about cars a year tons of agglomerate when the NBU was to be sufficiently information about it gross weight pupkin dance watching sites cars I'll show him the ads confusing and here the ads that will be
  • 10:31: night in the entrance of Estonia does not have ads Of course because of its extension for parks That's a lot of useful let's go to the site here is, so that's where the advertising out there right left all sorts of banners hanging that's confusing you will show ads only on Now the same topic to sites that you visit come on vehicles will released
  • 11:00: visit us on sites devoted to cats there it will try to sell cat food that is, well, someone does not so that's snooping but I like that do not really like and even more all the same but there are plenty of resources its computers as here in addition to what is not working firefox
  • 11:31: so I and not in favor of is there some more a bunch of other browsers which is often based price of these waters there are a few internet explorer firefox sync At first By the way there but it was removed right the truth is that no base here on Mohamed these lines Toronto Raptors firefox and chrome here's all sorts of different
  • 12:01: Here the so-called Furka browsers have but they must deserves special attention not I like that I tried to use browser but such known whose plan tried rival telecommunications services popular browsers eventually I decided that still better to use here such browsers
  • 12:30: are on everyone's lips because developers are sites in the first place rely on the fact that the user will use here what is the truth and then But if you a little-known browser out there e.g. page may wrongly displayed or even what some Baloga path for example a card it is impossible to simultaneously use browser called chameleon
  • 13:00: Now they are both positioned the creators of the browser positioned as very fast Sochi few resources we used to work but in principle, but the way it is it there perhaps the fastest of all of these Only really tried it properly displayed and 4 I still decided to stay Fox on the background own and what you perhaps if he like some of the other browser
  • 13:32: these quotas also nothing wrong there no that is, they are, in principle, all worthy but here hits such fishechkami about the mayor said that there people are so that the forest h disturb 6 but the fact that you are being followed well, of course Romney your