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  • 00:02: at rachet the Solomons not stitch for this stitch you'll need a crochet hook and a ball of yarn special thanks to our sponsor mountain metal wool for providing today's yard today we are using their Laramie line in the color marigold for the stitch you'll need to know the following techniques chain stitch single crochet edge Solomon's knot main Solomon's knot to begin this
  • 00:37: stitch you will need to create a foundation chain in multiples of two Solomon's knots plus one with an additional two Solomon's knots for the end now for this base chain we're going to do something a little bit different here we're going to begin by chaining two one two then we're going to do a single crochet back into that first
  • 01:01: chain and then we'll begin doing our two Solomon knot multiple so we're going to do what's called an edge Solomon's knot which means that it's not going to be quite as long as a normal Solomon's knot so just make an extended chain stitch here we're going to yarn over and draw through like a regular chain stitch then we're going to come back into this back
  • 01:30: piece here and we will draw through they'll give us two loops on our hook and we will yarn over and draw through two so we need to do these in pairs so we'll draw out some more you want about three-quarters of an inch here for the edge yarn over and draw through then we're going to go into the back yarn over and draw through and then we'll yarn over and draw through two okay
  • 02:00: we'll continue doing this until we've cast on or created our base chain in the length that we desire now to finish up our foundation chain or base chain we're going to do a full Solomon's knot so now it's going to be a little bit more than an inch in length there's not to be exact just eyeball it and we'll work that the same way as the other one row one we're going to do a
  • 02:32: single crochet between the third and fourth loops from our hook so we've got one two three we're going to come right into this little knot here and do a single crochet okay now we're going to do two Solomon's knots and we're going to do the full or main Solomon knot where we extend this about an inch and a
  • 03:00: quarter and we're going to draw through come around back and draw through and draw through two we'll do another one of those all right now we're going to skip to one two and we're going to just single crochet into the next stitch and we'll
  • 03:31: do this all the way across until the end of the row wrote to you after you've turned to our work we're going to do two edge Solomon knot so we're just going to do about three quarters of an inch there and length to get us the right height
  • 04:02: okay then we're going to do one normal Solomon's knot or main Solomon's knot and we will do a single crochet in between the fourth and fifth loops from our hook so we've got 1 2 3 4 & 5 so
  • 04:36: we're going to come right into this knot right here to do our single crochet ok now we're going to do two Solomon knot
  • 05:02: you're definitely to get the hang of this as you go along you'll be able to I bail I ball pretty well how long that not needs to be and then we will go into the next we'll skip to Solomon's knots and go into the next knot in between the two to do another single crochet and we're going to repeat this all the way until the end of the row okay and then
  • 05:34: we'll end into an edge Solomon's knot it's not quite long enough so to finish up our row we're going to
  • 06:01: go into the top of our edge Solomon's knot that's the smaller one on the side here and we'll do a single crochet and then we'll turn our work so we're going to repeat row two until we reached our desired length and that's how you crochet the Solomon's knot stitch after a few repeats your pattern should look like this what morning today join our VIP email
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