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Solomonova a loop, a grid from Solomon's loops the Lesson 23 Knitting Crochet hook: Solomons knot  See details »



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  • 00:00: hello today I will tell you how tally created loop, and we are with you associate a pattern which It called mesh Solomon's loops so here you have it for our lesson due to ask We start in the the grid can not knit chain of the air
  • 00:30: loops and do lifting loop Now I'll show you as we have without them We dispense and it does will not see your worse than when typing loop chain recovery provyazyvaem Air loop PM further pulling
  • 01:02: thread hooks about it about two centimeters enough workers thread stretch through our extended petelechku Now we introduce the hook Look over there
  • 01:35: pigtail so yes here petelechka in recruitment so we formed such a long time now! It turned out to only Nina and you for it Such is the account of almost . Here we introduce here hook picks working thread and stretch it here here on the hooks 2 petelechki formed and we do sc provyazyvayu 2 petelechki together further pulling
  • 02:07: again for the same the distance is very important to loop we had beautiful and smooth picks working the thread holding it through our extended elongated petelechku kryuchochek woden here picks working thread stretches her
  • 02:37: to suffer hair handles more picks working thread or poppies and pulling it through 2 petelechki on hooks Now we have 2 Solomon loop then again pulling on a the same distance as previous loop It resembles a very
  • 03:07: important to have We had a very beautiful products exactly picks thread stretch extended through petelechku on hooks one loop and now here picking one Key here in this petelechku and a potter thread We pull it on
  • 03:38: hair two loops and we do sc We spend kryuchochek through these nine girls be and cook them and then pull
  • 04:08: We grab weekdays We pulled through elongated petelechku hair on one petelechka introduce kryuchochek for now here's a pigtail we have three strings in it the fact that this sort of introduce one hook picks working Pulling up on
  • 04:39: hooks 2 petelechki picks up again working thread and stretch 2 petelechki pull the thread on state everywhere eyelet in the same way our flat picks working a thread spend it column counter for
  • 05:09: this thread sc pull on hooks 2 petelechki again sc and hold the key through 9 points again pulled loop sc stretched through elongated with petelechku
  • 05:41: hooks a counter Lithuania this chain sc picked up thread spent hooks 2 petelechki and knit sc engine with glasses hooks August as already knit one two three four five six seven
  • 06:12: Well let more about knit 5 that we had December 12 months of water 8 on and pulled
  • 07:00: very beautiful It obtained from a thin of a thin gray thread turns very nice beautiful shawls stoles and sc kryuchochek sc stretch with utrechochek although the thread and you on cover one petelechka attracted 10
  • 07:32: chain and sc dress to hairstyle 2 petelechki 2 and pulled provyazat nakida its chain We introduce the hook in
  • 08:02: chain sc I am pulling thread 2 loops on the hook sc count one two three four five six seven eight nine 1011 and another one knit storm cheek together let pulled thread so is such extended
  • 08:35: we loop We picked up working thread stretches her through an elongated loop Now kryuchochek We enter into this chain picks worker thread pull circle with thread on the hook two loops again and we do sc provyazyvayu 2 petelechki of Krichko together so we are knit 12 stitches
  • 09:05: now we have a nice We will bind all of us decided to loop you lifting to do so we them We are conducting kryuchochek Now reckon 4 loops one two three four, and that's Based on 4 loop, we We will be cheering in counter will be here
  • 09:35: svetilnichek and about knit a regular column without nakida January 2 3 4 5 faces Now knit more ie pull we continue to knit
  • 10:07: salomon loop ball in play and knit a column without sc's through
  • 10:43: one enemy Further knit loops 2 through one under
  • 11:23: canopy all dimchik again knit 2 loop provyazyvaem through
  • 12:14: one knit a column without sc and knit another 2 petelechki let 0 solarium well another finishing second
  • 12:55: Here's the first time she we petelechku provyazyvaem column without nakida here we turns five such Here's how cell 1 2 3 4 and 5 as you learn to knit it
  • 13:25: be sure to consider after each pro knitted series to have You get the time to it will get you very convenient and you do not Now we bring down We need to go 3 rows of knitting since we do not loop recovery so we We recruit provyazyvaem loops salon we do knit 3
  • 13:55: first petelechka waist and third Now we have to we knit 1 row knit 2
  • 14:26: 3 that is, we will forge here here turns out as though in
  • 15:00: staggered here see later in Golem here and produced here So chess order and Chishki we note 3 and entered provyazyvali kryuchochek knit then the column without nakida here in this petelechku
  • 15:32: that is, the previous here we have the beginning of a series of Here are three of our provyazyvaem hence that is, it must be this way cell column, without sc Further knit again 2 do not forget
  • 16:12: extend the same height elongated loops to we were all beautifully now here we need we knit 2 and staggered the there you will as if through one of the Here's a sheet of kombu here and provyazyvaem column, without sc further knit the two loops
  • 16:47: pull a ball constantly his cat she touches me Chernenkaya fluffy so 2 and staggered
  • 17:17: will be at the counter here the center of this maiden here petelechki provyazyvaem column without sc and again I see we miss
  • 18:06: strapped yet we need provyazat 2 petelechki ie the beginning of the series we made three loops lifting will also do first each row After we were binding usually February 2 petelechki all tie
  • 18:37: lo and behold here concludes 3 check on should turn over 5 1 2 3 4 5 1 at the same prilovchilis
  • 19:09: you will turn I think that we should not It will have all the time consider Now feel free to do to start 3 Solomon loop instead of lifting loops three
  • 19:47: and remember yes functions maybe someone convenient bots and more understandable if to think that all the time I think in a free that is, now look
  • 20:18: here it is already tied and well here free and you can also so it's someone like convenient or talk about a I prefer to order but when I see free petelechku not I know that it is necessary will forge then the next loop gave Solomon to knit to end of row
  • 20:50: because it is and tied it free column or beznakida the Western order if here on why
  • 21:21: here again knit product fit fast for us who lazy and wants very fast for the evening itself
  • 21:51: associate beautiful scarf can take advantage of thus knitting method that is, a dray loops if you do not. it will melange in itself this scarf will be very beautiful as it is go to different patterns as usual lies can not without sc
  • 22:23: and the late finish provyazyvaya two more loops and anchoring column, without sc I hope that I
  • 22:55: clearly explained here this pattern he was proglazhu so it looks smoother than what we just gasoline Now as you can see in the chess poryadochke They were connected group of 2 Petya Solomon formed here
  • 23:25: Such are beautiful cell 100 it all up goodbye I wish you to you you will succeed very beautiful to Goodbye to the new meetings