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Tin Foil Ball Ornament - YouTube............ They drew a circle on a foil … You will strongly be surprised when you see what from this turned out!  See details »

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  • 00:02: so for this project you're going to need aluminum foil a 12 inch piece of wire scissors some beads a top to a coffee can and needlenose pliers and a chopstick so first step is we're going to roll out our tin foil and place your plastic top over and just sort of gauge how wide
  • 00:31: that needs to be and we're going to make ten circles so you're just going to fold this little line
  • 01:04: and then you'll just cut then you'll place your plastic top on the tinfoil and just take your chopstick and trace around that top to create the
  • 01:32: circle now you're going to cut these out so just follow that line with your scissors and when we're done cutting we should have 10 circles
  • 02:00: and now you'll just peel your ten circles apart and after you peel them all apart they're going to begin to fold your circles so you'll start by folding the circle in half once and twice and three
  • 02:38: times so that the circle forms a little piece of pie like this and then about 1/4 of an inch in you're going to make a crease and just fold that triangle inward towards the edge and you're going to do this with all 10 pieces once you've completed folding all of your
  • 03:01: circles going to open that circle up and then once you've opened it up you'll see your fold lines and you're just going to cut along these fold lines starting out and coming towards the center and stopping where that crease line is if you have it laying this way
  • 03:37: the outside of your ornament is going to be shiny if I flip the circle over and with the shiny side up the ornament will be met and then place your chopstick in the center and you're just going to pull one corner up around the chopstick and then pull the other corner up around
  • 04:04: your chopstick and roll it nice and tight and it should keep its shape and just wiggle your chopstick out of there
  • 04:38: and once you've completed all of your pieces you can start to string them together so you're going to start with the wire and just tie a little knot and then string one bead you can wrap the end of the wire around
  • 05:02: the bead stringy to unev these through the center so once all their pieces are on the wire you can add your second read
  • 05:35: so just thread the wire through the bead and then push it down and then give it that bull shape then you're going to take the end of this wire and place it back in the hole of that bead there's
  • 06:08: one shiny and one