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  • 00:07: Good day friends and colleagues Dear Clients with you and the shadow of and another when and for one month ie by means of divination I have you now! you can show recognize events of the future coming to you month, it does not you need to choose any form should be
  • 00:30: simply shuffle cards make a month which you interested let Now we February so we will March guessing what events will take place in March how will this month, you can then expected to remove the deck and arbitrarily get
  • 01:03: 9 out of her cards
  • 01:30: And so we got 9 cards and now look not for these nine cards cards of the same suit number of all nine pieces well, let's say you would be all Hearts card would It meant that we will be in full buzz personal life in this month which thanks if there was home suit here fell out ie card
  • 02:00: of diamonds suit all or most of it, we We talked about the full financial security person in this that is, a month big profits if We would assume fell 3 this one it would mean a lot vanity and work on the peak of concern usually very bad would give prediction and
  • 02:30: would mean some Mount some trouble some misfortune well or very large loss but as we can see we have everything in bits so here are those some global conclusions we do not but we can let see what else we can say so Divination was admissible a situation that would have we fell 4 Aces Well we have only one ace but nevertheless
  • 03:00: let's consider situation if we four aces it would mean some interesting this adventure month, 4 King would mean success honors promotion in the service of career Four ladies like typically gossip 4 denote ballet worries and troubles of course dozens mean execution
  • 03:30: desire and cherished four Nine means that you have something to surprise four eights is happy a sign that a stroke of luck good luck Four Seven separation and six Well, that's the trouble such a situation, we there ever fell 4 maps of the same rank so we are looking the balance on and off
  • 04:01: we look so let's say the situation We had such a dropped as the combination of cards of Six seven eight nine dozen jack lady King bite does not matter which suits the main to dignity yes this is it would mean that your husband has mistress and he you going throw it for her provided that you there are well in course and if that's in front of you
  • 04:30: you see one little thing in this case is we have basically small cards fell six Seven Eight little eighties only one Ace and only one king this means that all month will quite boring nothing here substantial can not expect that is, a normal month month as a month
  • 05:00: usual care case that is nothing special here but if dropped two ladies two kings the us Ten ballet six this would mean that by the you will come to visit and the whole month you spend surrounded very close relatives and friends we like These all combinations such here not significant we fell just ordinary situation regular monthly routine
  • 05:30: the case for states lot of paperwork as we can here You can see how much some talk conversations at work conversations internet on many phones here such communication that's written fell to a king crawled of your liking here just nine diamonds can mean little financial injections ie small
  • 06:00: small financial profit some small trip possible somewhere outside the city in within the country's the emergence of a man in life a letter to remove it some here and meeting may be some well appointed and separation from loved ones there can be seen a dozen peak than nine
  • 06:30: there is general separation from loved ones person for some obstacle financial character so many conversations internet correspondence work working some trip and what else another king here and greasy as they say up at her with his Choice's Well so here are here month events can be so to say but it's true on skidochku without
  • 07:00: any serious interpretations and here we can our skidochku so here tell what events will place in life person for Well I hope that the month this alignment you will find interesting and you start it to practice determine what events and waiting for you look no further that It came to pass that not came to pass Blast Elysees as we
  • 07:31: write to me about it comments on this Video story and forum on my website Maga expert ark that friends in this all up new appointments to the new movies and while