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  • 00:05: Welcome in the studio Elena Krasovskaja with a summary of the past News in Russian a new boiler at the city happiness despite ceasefire militias realize serious relocation and accumulation of forces and district of happiness and specifically at village the old and the gift that It is from the city at a distance of 17 kilometers of detour and 5 kilometers direct to the same now to to strike the city is not necessary overcome water
  • 00:30: namely barrier River Seversky Donets Now they are able to reach the city happiness by land and drive group Ukrainian punitive in the strike on the village of boiler bahmutka in snow was blown power substation which feeds the entire City of refined information blasted two transformer Pushkin and sex city ​​and the water unit without electricity affirms that consequences of an accident will be felt longer period as as one the transformer can be only lead train in the area 10
  • 01:01: am Nikishin quite powerful I worked artillery at about 11:30 am Moscow area refueling moved enemy tank and able to open on it fire and tank He stepped back into specifically continue refined Information about yesterday's fight clashes in the area settlement Sands basics Regiment already reported 6 dead and three wounded from the Ukrainian hand always The President of Ukraine petro Poroshenko Army gave two helicopter and 100 units heavy equipment today two helicopters from the President fleet will
  • 01:30: Army also transferred as 100 units heavy equipment I wrote press secretary Poroshenko Svyatoslav Tsybulko in his twitter it was the most important news studio was Elena Krasovskaja I congratulate you upcoming holidays, good luck to you and see