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Oleg F. How from a simple oven for a bath to make the most abrupt?  See details »

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  • 00:00: Good time of day Dear friends Today video is dedicated bath bannomu but in the case of art I once pinned with hookah when I showed the chip people on hookah there hookah and start I incline lengthwise and across just say I do not I will show you how well bathe here in 1000 clips I will not tell you tell on some there are steep I want chips I talk about bath
  • 00:30: really worried for a long time I am more than 50 years, I grown in different baths in different masters Serey I assure you something I know and I actually decided build yourself a bath Well there is nothing St. no clear I love classic option when firewood when yes never mentally slipper floated points but I was not satisfied the stove what they behold the hot something is wrong here Wow I decided come up with a chip
  • 01:00: Still on the first As I am an engineer and then I became a sex cold but any desire invent something and remained so I want you a unique show discovery when I took I dismantled this food I bought a pen welded to Stainless steel foam foam by themselves they are right concerned contact with furnace that's when you grow and melt the more cold oven
  • 01:30: pour some water wall in the first and instantaneous heater warmed ie he even in winter literally there 20 minutes you already have your 60 70 second-degree themselves on its own and this heat that comes from Tennov is this she Vodicka miraculously moisturizes and also Chechnya really comfortable here comfortable to me family children and me men come who also love steam and direct here I want all mental
  • 02:00: share with you this discovery try any If you do not you want to use dt but Parsi classic on one pebble some water and sprinkled currently enjoy but Here the walls really Moreover you cool maintainer so comfortable wet temperature it is comfortable wet steam such tight it It penetrates you to end up in the depth here you just sit temperature 60
  • 02:30: degrees as well as there 100g open up within and the body does not burn try it really cool it is my finding invention and I think it's you like Naturally, I did not completely disassemble stove where we were able to beside mad at where We were able to show here, and not pay attention to any Chips someone Wooden cats me like for example the pour on the coffee makers scoop
  • 03:01: there is an old old I have there are bronze, and he I like to have Everyone has their own because not a bath lotion cling to it the task of this movie show only one in within the cultural information Fund's there some every man and his lotions if you have I appeal to you all the boys some have their chips for hitting on couples around let the rest of us We will discuss it now there is only in this the video about what I
  • 03:30: It failed to create household real steep stove which that's just the price of the scene scene for a bath at all everyone likes all those my friends who are here time was they themselves We decide on a make and do pretty easy going on any market accordingly there stainless steel for sale you order these prices less they made you today see, not all straight John and poured glasses children they just squeak
  • 04:00: with you from fun and so let us now! go through directly to stove and well, and I also want to I just make a reservation once the stove with the butt I I will not bathe now itself so what hard to remove cameras tra sweats I only Only show how work foam and so comes forth to friends his lad herself steam room prevented three four people she very small but I used
  • 04:31: as cedar cedar lining and you You know now a few years and I I get the most pleasure my a family We soared and really when you come here it is constantly incredible fragrance taste and but the essence of enjoyment not that I would like to you show your stove their uniqueness turbo not I you I tell It is here in This stove looks it
  • 05:01: It does not represent themselves something exclusive of something special in the company currently common oven it is not but if look and increase there you can see a some pace Steam some steam I cooked them in the oven at 2t 2t them here on the second where It is just at We have here a second tone they
  • 05:31: made of stainless steel in and of themselves, these prices and contact directly from furnace directly this wall stainless steel are in the furnace I reached business in this effect is that when you start kindle the stove and pour the walls instantly heated pour a little some water and immediately and
  • 06:01: comes hot steam air that moistens and warms this stove more These prices allow hold not certain very comfortable very comfortable comfortable air some humidity and itself via temperature these tones art steam room never sometimes I do not do high degrees 60 70 me and Kovalin
  • 06:30: almost efforts strengthen this temperature in two times because with Using these tones well you feel a whopping heated inside poor heating Dollar or burn no body lights and heating we are now a major flooded the stove, and I show how it all It operates a dear friends those who versed in the oven we specifically pulled down to me and I I want as It will be possible show as arranged
  • 07:02: This so-called here it goes along as if all the stoves its not his ground it It applies is under the insert this one tent here he comes is Go Go Go Go Now the heating element and on it just goes to some tube stainless steel and respectively when we are in favor of heated furnace it instantly
  • 07:30: heated with furnace gets there Water and respectively it creates certain climate that allows completely Now feeling comfortable Sadat himself in the bath unique conditions in this bath it can be dry and steam which is anything but all very pleasant and I'm just here to you I recommend it this is done to make simple yet new stove without lining and check and so such Tennov 2 1 is the fact but it is the so-called
  • 08:00: the other which seemed to laid here it goes under all the bricks and Now we have this stove flooded and show how it's all functions Everyone has their own scoop I like pour so I Now you show the pace and lo and behold I Now I am adding some some water and now this pair he begins to really work can be I can hear the sound
  • 08:30: I have seen couples difficult to see but when I I undermined this awning even here I specifically on its Statement oven yet warmed up and prices have already Prices start already starts and create certain microclimate when I now but I I am and and temperature instantly begins grow because Now the door is open and
  • 09:00: already here, we all It begins judging pair around it is bad now visibility and so try to close little door how many survive we have a camera and and I still do like cool I steamed I take a whisk and really when I I am adding some I put easy money for those us he immediately he immediately
  • 09:31: steamed and already once it becomes completely comfortable the temperature in this steam room therefore men each his Of course no one argues that alone Me me is all cool but themselves the so-called and they support I have to rub they camera support certain microclimate when you just comfortable when you just taschishsya all leave
  • 10:00: because the camera losses and remove completely It can not be all of these event expensive friends try Now imagine this chip and I'm sure you will you I thank here this is my discovery and is really my the invention and I am with you within the culture information Fund share you with him all the best live to be happy to meetings