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Greeting card in PhotoShop (3\/5) - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: create image file world file new set the following parameters there is a width of 570 pixels height 730 days 72 pixel resolution is completed in which he light mode as well as people b group consensus the content for it is he white ear create images you need to think through fom if you have a suitable drug Scorpion of Kiev and by the way Vakhrukov in
  • 00:30: as background occupied if not, you can use before Ukrainian gradient fill on criticism and abolished the person uhlu layer new filling layer guardian many do not want to be true dial for them, and in contrast to the whole parameters, however, settings as follows quote agent make pink red and white for this general principle rectangle with light transition
  • 01:00: certificates of signatures the appeared window gredin creditor Two Nutcracker Gradient Editor square and set the color We will immediately see a gradient sample at mostly images parameter value location magnetically motive means make equal to 70 percent this is whether the transition of light objects other window parameters kndr one the lender can be left as before if now our children close the window
  • 01:31: turn to our products opening the first image containing the elements that we put Since in our case this is a drug with rose the task of carefully highlighting all this element with any tools and press these copies edit copy go to the cage and push people that is I wanted to leave after this element you must live chunk for this important instrument
  • 02:01: blur and work and micronutrients and we need to do with the action for other drugs at the general meeting we should get 3 five polymers decompose them to the bottom of the risk remember that it is located on more high layer overlaps an element of more low layer on the panel of the chapter of his now add a generation containing text for this on different tool level
  • 02:31: shot tons of a rectangle with cautious name with a street rose rectangle the top of the postcard to add the text to it we take tool happened corpses ul horizontal typing and make an inscription somewhere outside rectangle for the following parameters sheriff real the outline of a blake is about 36 smoothed no lines light bright red three tests in artest
  • 03:02: but someone else's top tour now say some effects stress kfor frost for this we define it can be to go broke holding the image of growth and the damage caused to them by firewood cast a shadow value of the parameter about the rental transparency Establish and approximately 70 85 percent now add the public sector rectangular shape and inscription on it I shall select conditions containing rectangular shape and apply the effect
  • 03:32: back in time asb insults chasing value of its parameters to create about the following depth 137 percent cheaper direction pixel size with a second mitigation eight pixels direction day and tasks like that it was on the left at the bottom complex text containing these effects for windows rescue Chicago but this goal is outwardly glowing
  • 04:05: the resulting congratulatory card shown on the screen