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  • 00:00: all the good times days in today's video lesson we are with you let's do this here the postcard is coming soon you'll love it fathers of Easter and you can here such congratulate all their loved ones family if you insert here picture look i now disable this photo bye rubles, that is, you can do this postcard as a template and insert here any
  • 00:30: photos and congratulate those people which you dear which you want congratulate Well, now we'll start this postcard will do slightly less so that she we served as was a model like this and proceed for another we will create a new layer for this go file create take the width 600 pixels high 800 here
  • 01:01: we have a new file now we will fill this layer is a gradient you come in gradients and find Here's the one here gradient gradients you can be downloaded from my site under the heading all for photoshop here we are in
  • 01:32: top clamp the left mouse button and we spend down here such a wedge and release the left click here at us there was such a background if you do not fit this color is you can press left click on here this is the window and you the editor appears gradients to change here and years you can from again left click the mouse
  • 02:02: on this control point colors and here again by clicking on the left click the mouse to select the color that you need because here we have has changed this I will not do it yet I'm satisfied with that which is therefore I click cancel now we need add here or ports and frame I I go again file
  • 02:32: open here in this I have collected the folder cliparts i first open frame but not now we will I choose the tool movement and dragging by holding left-click on the our layer is we can close and but here a little bit we need her
  • 03:02: reduce therefore we we go in and editing transformation scaling mouse wheel reduce our file we clamp the left shift and pull for this little corner is not letting go reduce this box that's how we
  • 03:33: transformed not forget to press enter after transformations now again with the mouse wheel we increase that to us it was more convenient to work now in order to we got here so here is how the halo around the frame to us should be duplicated Our layer with a frame for this we press key whose stand on the bottom layer we pass blur filters blur on the frame
  • 04:07: Well, here we look exhibiting I have this 13 let will you you should just yourself see how you it will be more convenient so that a little bit the frame was blurred but at the same time more visible some contours click ok and now we need a little bit increase this
  • 04:37: blurring for this we go in editing transform scaling again clamp the left shift key and pull corner here we are a little bit increased see what a beautiful effect it turned out like this we are like 2 frames it turned out that we press enter key now add our
  • 05:07: cliparts add a new layer put it below frames go file open find clipart and add it here select first tool displacement we pin left mouse button and dragging
  • 05:37: ours is a joke. now we can close up and the basket we a little increase for this we go in editing transformation scaling the words so here we are increased and press enter and transfer to the front plan that is we need layer with basket
  • 06:07: raised up we here this will do I clamped left mouse button and pulled up our basket costs here so that y us the basket looked more naturally I I want to add children for this I right-click click on the layer with basket I select the parameters overlapping here I have appeared like this
  • 06:37: put a tick here and click on this tab is a shadow left-click and we are opened here this window Why is it not necessary here? reduce a little opacity as rule is about 50 interest and play around here the size you see she does not muzhik increases me it seems like this and will be best in this case
  • 07:08: click ok so now we need add a pasque here again go to file open choose pask and exactly the same instrument movement by locking left mouse button dragging to our layer you are there and close dangerously a little bit
  • 07:40: reduce it again go to editing transformation scaling is same clamped with a key shift that's how we pull for the corners we select to size because we need Here it is so probably will be the most time press enter and Here this layer with easter
  • 08:12: we need to omit under the basket so that the branches rb in our were visible well so we pinch left mouse button and pull the layer with Easter now quite another matter and let's also this Easter Let us give shade again click on the layer with easter right click on the mouse button blending options those and
  • 08:44: and here it is also choose the debate on 50 percent here size here we press ok we got this here's an interesting clip from us it remains here add only photo and text let's go now choose a photo Here I have such is
  • 09:15: of course add something of your own I'm dragging the video our anasha postcard put the video under frame before that I clamp the left button mouse and lower it down here it is under the frame now i need her reduce a little can principle so leave it like this
  • 09:45: and leave it to mean to remove this that's all that is superfluous to us we do not need to stand on photo layer choose oval Isolation and clamping left mouse button here choose a oval in We did not quite get down like this as we need therefore we go to selection transform
  • 10:17: selected area and husband a little bit move as we are is needed Reagan call these markers are about so we will be fine press enter now we go highlight inversion see us stood out now an area that superfluous and push
  • 10:48: del key select and deselect here is our photo already inserted and we are ready just write text we are on the very topmost Add a new layer layer click text can choose
  • 11:19: pipette color it I'm worth it yellow-haired I picked up an excuse for this colors you can take a pipette choose any you can here is this pink need white blue what do you like well I chose the yellow did not seem that best of all therefore I I want to write yellow and so become again choose the text
  • 11:49: we become here write the text I already smell you faq now you can
  • 12:19: instrument move put in place! I add again I go to the text I click on the grandfather himself so that it is active in end put it! now would not like so that I have the text Here is uneven and a little under the arc for this I press
  • 12:49: this button creature deformed The text here is chosen what suits us I now want to choose for example arc behold here we see is shown for what people will be the text can be a little bit less to do it the tank will and such a god and
  • 13:20: click ok now since the text We can not see ours let's go again take the displacement slightly lowered it and probably a little bit will reduce the mage go to editing transformation scaling . the lowest level of you Is it necessary, too
  • 13:51: do it already like you like more Well, something like this press the key menta now that our the text looked brighter and more beautiful and pleasant Let's go, too blending parameters and do not put on a little its for this we press the right click the mouse button blending options
  • 14:21: here we are and I'll work a little bit again, give a shadow choose it will be it's better to look with shadow approximately 50 percent now I would have done external glow children like him right away played you need to play here do any
  • 14:52: it's already on your discretion is necessary inner glow do too You can play it make a circuit here I probably this one Key in and do Embossing and contour and the contour can be and so leave it here embossing is here the light probably
  • 15:22: change, let's we will change but here that to us more suitable here closer to the yellow one that's what I am I press the letters here the text is generic to me arranges on this principle stop you can to experiment do so since you I like it I click ok and let me have this suits you can
  • 15:52: a little more move up text our here is our postcard is ready you can do for yourself here is this template if you disable the layer with you always take photos you need to insert any other photos then there you can make one template and send to all his friends are familiar here such is easy postcard this postcard
  • 16:22: good because she will be individually that is, you congratulate it that person which you want congratulations and he is she will not see to look like standard for both all I think is is very important in our time because now very open a lot has appeared and just me it seems to man it will be pleasant get exactly postcard are made for was not on this our
  • 16:54: lesson is over good to you try boiling before new meetings