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  • 00:00: Dimych hi hi Dima Bilan just glad you want meet my his wife Meet Julia Dmitry is very nice very nice to me It is also very nice sit down why that is this a sign of here before See you next order a and your drink than to be roll forward well, Misha does not drink driving no driving us Today scheduled and conception
  • 00:32: Hello I am your lexan ready to accept order that whether I please salad Caesar and green tea Caesar salad and topic case I popesh you want to, you can He did not defend himself thought Well dark beer any and shrimp and Crimea
  • 01:00: juice of 1 week friendly shrimp well you che come Th tell you how where you work you all in the same place all the same Mike works He is going away the truth which is not yet say that because if he says no further fulfilled in Gazprom
  • 01:33: in Gazprom Gazprom Th Gazprom also people work when the ends meet reduced to this Statement tells the tell you myself no one classmates classmates he he It was bad for No, I have not married I understand that I will not marry to never well, than you and happy to take down
  • 02:01: I let his happiness Misha already begun at all case that when one and not like one stay for Misha it is important to the company and it is the best company I am danish and because there is no nothing better for men than one wife can go have a smoke and below does not want to smoke till
  • 02:30: and I want to go have a smoke sitting squeezed into a niche registry office but it is also for you say no to registry office he for himself let me say introduce mom Julia can not get up live together so for sure up with a big friendly family because for any man nothing
  • 03:00: no more important in life than wife, friend and her mom Yes che you yesterday We came all this our group We are going okay sat yesterday he did not could my out of the loop fetched he wanted to hang himself, and what is missing Man lives like
  • 03:30: Christ's bosom beautiful wife I no match will be next clearer all normal cheats let's serve them all Our football here you play straight all know how every week of good they impact on Wednesday it I can not impact it already have a sport he me with shaping takes Well on Friday on Friday he changed yoga takes his wife Tanya I went to talk
  • 04:00: your voice heard Well, not fate but Misha asked whether he sports track to do mesh replied that he he's busy I shaping take correct answer even what you say and you so that Misha yawn is ugly that brought home for as a yawn now people
  • 04:31: got so yawn Nepal or a person of heroes dishes certainly not luck and the wife see because no one He does not see a man like Zina friend and mother of he has not taken a what kind of people to drive will