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Master class "Скользящая loop, magic ring or ring амигуруми"  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear Friends my name Kristina Bogdanova and today I want to show how to make sliding loop called differently It may be referred to it and for the ring amigurumi magical moving loop I practically loop in all his workshops shows how but I had already tied tired to focus
  • 00:30: this is why I decided to withdraw separate video and close detail show how to knit this loop then what do advantages and loop why I love her so Well this ring It connected to the ring with Moving loop and It is connected to the ring but columns with sc I provyazyvala in chain of the air loops are closed in that's what the ring the difference is so this hole here and
  • 01:01: which here and there and virtually all this loop can not be seen great suitable if you knit caps motives if well, but if not I wish that was Here is such a hole it was here and so rovnenko thou irreplaceable thing you want to learn I see it all, even if Scheme indicated that you need to make a ring of stitches I still I see the ring
  • 01:30: amigurumi or sliding loop and it does not matter You will knit columns with sc in this loop bars without sc polustolbiki lush columns with columns arches of air loop that is not you It matters what you You will go I provyazyvat the camera will show you how here tie is normal ring main understand how to We take this thread hook
  • 02:03: and now I will show closer and slowly how to do it then the master classes their future is not spend time on this take thread and We wound onto forefinger left hand here and so I reel so forth take the hook introduce
  • 02:31: by now this is our nakida here and so turns and clings crochet thread work and outputs it through this loop and type 3 air hinges Lift 1 2 3
  • 03:01: do next sc and We derive already under two thread the hook here is in We tail where we We keep working and thread provyazyvaem post with sc finger already It can be removed from this loops the loop, we is secured tied to a column sc and right now I will
  • 03:32: dial 12 columns so that is, that's how it It looks more easier Here is the beginning seriously need prinarovitsya then everything both thumb 3
  • 04:02: 4 5 6 7 so
  • 04:39: 8 10 11 and the last column
  • 05:01: with sc provyazyvaem They pulled and loop Here we stayed here Now that the tail we do we just stifle that we here imposed by pinching hand and pull for this thread to tell it was clear, and that's it He begins to pull on delayed as much as possible
  • 05:30: much or how you if you want a small hole there worth it tightens much is not necessarily and connected with the beginning a number so Mike all pulled loop delayed again and is already knit on what we
  • 06:00: Toys should be very convenient means of knitting Now this ring and general somehow view neater and I know I ' I'd like I mastered the loop Now go ringlets from the chain of stitches I do not perceive continue to knit as a you need something I have I wanted to say over and let you not enter into fooled that this thread, as it were
  • 06:30: like fast there entrenched but not the better still needle fix again hold the tip because now I have once this has been I knit tunic motives and such thought I still thread was so slip and think I'm not anything do cut the tips here and so have I have a few motives crept I had feverishly their dad sewn Thank God tunic but I was saved
  • 07:00: a good lesson so that Do not fall for it deception deceptive reliability for still hide a needle thread here in general, and I hope all I clearly explained and More date of its master classes, I do not I will focus on this loop because very simple and understood and repeatedly knit try you master this the way you will understand as it is convenient
  • 07:31: irreplaceable and that's how good luck to you all See you soon