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Knitting by spokes Pattern elastic band "Дождик" - YouTube  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:07: Hello welcome you to my channel with you Elena today we learn to knit gum for rain We recruit loops on needle number + two to four fold loops for symmetry two edge loops I I gained 32 loops We begin to knit the first row of the first
  • 00:31: an edge loop we remove more knit 2 purl loop and we do sc provyazyvaem two loops along one face loop for the back wall and go down and We reiterate our report consisting of four loop until the end of the series 2 purl nakida 2
  • 01:02: loops along one front loop for the back wall so we you knit the first row
  • 01:34: 2 purl loops and last bead loop, we also Wrong number 2 first distal edge remove and knit 2 facial loop purl sc provyazyvaem too seamy loop for and a front wall repeat 2 facial 2
  • 02:03: 2 facial purl Loop 2 Loop purl
  • 02:34: finish our a second series of two facial loops and last bead Wrong third row first distal edge loop we shoot 2 purl loop now we provyazyvaem 2 facial loops together one face of the loop Only the front
  • 03:00: wall introduce needle from left to right grab the thread and provyazyvayu do sc and repeat 2 purl loops 2 loops along one front loop for front wall sc so we are knit to end of row
  • 03:50: 2 purl loops and last bead loop, we also 4 purl row
  • 04:00: first distal edge loop we shoot Further knit facial 2 loop provyazyvaem nakida the front wall seamy loop Wrong loop and repeat until the end a number
  • 04:49: 2 facial loops and Recently, at the edge Wrong, we have Knit with you 4 a number of now we
  • 05:00: we continue to knit our gum up we desired height repeating the first through fourth row we continue to knit finished to take our Here is a sample gum rain we it happened gum you one-sided front side all Wrong Thank you for your attention if you have questions write in comments Elena was with you bye Bye