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Olga Nikishicheva the Dress a jumper - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: bright and original this dress blouse This spring can be afford to every day and velvet ribbon large Flowers make a it is possible for a couple of hours dress top will free with a small they will lay cuffs but on the contrary skirt narrow this dress you can still wear and how if muzon gather skirt drapery need only 2 small rag two feet and knitwear 70 centimeters young back and shelf Let subtle velvet
  • 00:30: with bright floral printed on the Christmas tree viscose jersey all the latest fashions add up the tank on face inside and shoot only three measurements height chest straps and hip girth cut out dress very simply by the upper edge Measure out the height of the breast We put a label on it level postpone a quarter of the breast measurements plus 5 centimeters and put another the label on the bottom edge
  • 01:01: Measure out a quarter hip circumference measurements plus caches 5 centimeters combine the two labels a god in a corner drawing neck a slight tilt draw rounded athletics add a little Price at wing arm angle and all rounds cut out, taking into account seam allowance sew shoulder and
  • 01:31: then the side seams edge We treat navi Rocky Now the edge of the skirt from the fold mark half the world and thighs We draw a line on rear seam do for small dart a better fit for figure cut off We sew and connect both blank neck and cuffs We treat oblique inlay, the new thing
  • 02:01: combined with dress classical shoes seed pans when cool We put on a dress like It was narrow zones pants all the way to spent thousands rubles and in fact buy it is much more expensive Olga nikishicheva Alexander nick first channel