Svetlana Ivanova

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Putting TREVINYaNO Venetian plaster. Video.  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: spending two Venetian plaster effect mirror polished marble advantage polished mirror effect marble after applying wax coating is not afraid of water ecologically friendly material necessary set the court will side packaging finish with three new
  • 00:31: that the patent talents of one color packaging business Centre even a perfectly smooth surface a material that does not drown regionals tinted in the same ones the court with the help of color colorado FPA type and libido and in accordance with selected light in the catalog mix until smooth
  • 01:02: if tinting is necessary to consider that after drying Meet material loses approximately twice material is applied in two stages apply the base layer as a base in conditions of use ticket material 6 beer taste drying 8:00 create pattern consisting of contrast
  • 01:32: chaotic socks After drying the base layer
  • 02:07: proceed with the application of Trojans applying technology similar material application technology adopted as the last layer dries Trevi not news the surface is polished with a significant goose Ilim via metal spatula 3683 now blue coating amount therefore it is necessary that this part of the job He served one master The more layers of material you apply
  • 03:07: the more pronounced will be the effect translucent surface each layer give their additional shades after completion of the finish coating
  • 04:45: nightingales surface were noted and Ruse spatula 24 hours after the last layer applied must be completed and finishing move Golovach release after drying east the surface is polished to a soft 1