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  • 00:03: Hello especially one third of those who love fishing then today I have the in which university will in general is called all under 30 soup norms everyone now acquired so that the short-lived answer so but no more than What made the purchase of these things
  • 00:32: in our stores minimum the minimum price for say funicular come in handy more than 70 and up here respectively two times cheaper than one dose, and big choice but the point is that everyone is trying to simply buy November
  • 01:02: but I certainly do not believe Roebuck Moscow I love them and I just did not have so how to choose how it all turned out not to buy finally I stayed there all bought this be done this no it does not know us Well let's see from a reserved matter for winter fishing knows
  • 01:30: my emissions did not happen unfortunately 6 thousand in the cafe also the way strangling that testifies this
  • 02:05: concessions you have to be always it should be no specialist Galkin I do not say anything on the 6 th Fontanka
  • 02:30: that is, we must try next year defendants have in a cocoon made why is that some
  • 03:10: asked to help hook on the dock road decently prefect is such noize mc We note the effectiveness of AIDS
  • 03:32: I will try many victims of the stove is difficult but also a serious but then there's 100 people even without them
  • 04:12: our rattle 74 regions
  • 04:36: deputy crowns obtained chemically child I will April 8 UAH fish love Tokyo
  • 05:02: bait we need to talk I feel that it do not go to visit Of course we have to communicate with members of the EU If Russia really plaintiff in his failed Shevchuk in the square fuel Kulchikov
  • 05:30: following orders silicone plugs cabinets in packs and thousand Boris Tadic Thursday
  • 06:05: like this red white to tip but it will change Dmitry Grechishkin brick Pinchuk typo 2 in the ministry m
  • 06:30: Bank of Korea efficiency about an hour the night up September 4 he was found
  • 07:29: with pictures
  • 07:31: headphones generally laterally They will be destroyed brilliant little thing Crimea these contacts children eat
  • 08:02: Wow Pskov, Tver in general, the same hockey wagging
  • 08:35: nobody even Superfin all written off on the Cairo meeting point Who knows but that he was able to teacher to check your mail the edge markets desert course
  • 09:00: service there, he unusually no cause here 13 and 7 inches Clinton motors
  • 09:31: so immediately and I ordered almost every actually territory amazing VK 600 rubles snapshot who made meadows
  • 10:00: student bulk the court will decide the men court to that is, we only injured Czech Republic 4 it is very difficult to say
  • 10:37: tons of pig iron per 100 km h I never look for size that food king piece attack intrigue three buckwheat husband, we'll see practically
  • 11:01: ap photo square with Moscow and Washington you do wonder what it would be such a Pskov Leonovich unusual strips celebration the same way one dollar
  • 11:30: 239 Zhengzhou math very far around the world in terms of thirty relatives all work Now the score with 35 years Dunga nothing
  • 12:04: 35 what emotions I'll start with the stove us until convenient to bother no one from a year Here's a clip we will see as the bottles on these toys
  • 12:32: we had to pay the suite came running We will look maybe it makes sense take Chinese gadgets that they pay for Matvienko for myself till