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  • 00:04: search for Atlantis you can swim in the most unknown depth city team Pyatigorsk It is a tale mermaid marine devil
  • 00:30: I got out as a mermaid it is better to stitch hard to be a mermaid the burden is not on families men see only I'm half but on the scales kilogram 50 I still women see these favorite Prince a Hit
  • 01:01: that Now he's a man of my Dream the guys
  • 01:35: finally you I woke up the principle of I have been waiting for you Cupid softly softly quietly quietly not moving quietly run man then thank you. I will find you and wow Cupid you greetings
  • 02:04: regards the look We hear not really need legs but I've got legs but instead you have to give me your vote but how can I go vote in elections I was socially active I almost mermaid on foot gear well where that Suva
  • 02:31: Do well, well then 1000 dollars from the current well, and know where and with installing a half you dried again change divers hanging qualitatively as well as the you witch palm it's who Andryuha Makarevich want
  • 03:06: funny show yes okay okay you tell me here I brought this photograph I love this for roads you will come Okay, let's up meetings it is not necessary to bend a changing world though he made it 1
  • 03:34: Now you but Hold the day I will find USA Hello, I heard you need money so in return I need your the voice said beam that if all of you who I am Mikhail Prokhorov and Why do you need the money I I want to make the legs become beautiful and win the heart Prince on you
  • 04:01: looking mermaid while you're at it prohorov summarized below messenger no money I'm fat as it were in my place did people
  • 04:41: mermaid found the money not found yet sharpen drunk or something and the pivas sawfish and I continue to draw fish trash and generally wants reveling in the whole bang you and what you do
  • 05:00: prince clarity and in the sea no one will find that me Marine Adhesive living under duress He comes to me for my hotel removing at erases bed not made up life has shown that olay
  • 05:30: and me I need a real man understand look the mermaid Now Russia needs exactly RUSAL Russian aluminum control stake the same as in I the dough will be all principles, and could cinder by Russ and chordate honestly Listen to beg give me a foot well, no already there were only out left right 36 42
  • 06:01: size as Russian team Football came all I pulled down the legs to them start telling children America as those pohvatali ran yes Well, I do not know well, well let's at least the oh I see as a mermaid you certainly hate but as a woman to understand take well as the near Che
  • 06:31: You feel inside often were breast pombur shoulders forward ago well gardens elevated view before throwing the sharks and from the hip well dried two hours later police station where you work, I Prince and Prince Listen work
  • 07:00: Petrovich you hike Printer you name surname patronymic mermaid atlantis Triton on what we I stoked the victim it does not drown it I went with my parents introduce you who Cupid Why do you need a bow and arrow people in fire P. Hey you campaign also Cupid
  • 07:33: What were you doing at 4 am on the waterfront but I told you already said he engaged love and a minute before attack we kissed I really in love with you in Life did not kiss you have a mustache is me grandmother up to you do not understand not I love you
  • 08:02: man well, what you're people it is if women whiskers and tail well she no longer and love between us way for you and fire and water, and on the edge Sveta Here I am for you a the way done and you I say that not like really who tell I have now with and to do this
  • 08:32: I cry now from these do well rusachka found her love distinguish 1 and what does not ay can he can not hear to nobody I need and