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Saved 12/29/14 10:37 PM to Laima Vaikule. Laima Vaykule.

Laima Vaykule in St. Petersburg - Radio dacha  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:18: suffice it to say lime and everyone will understand and I'm talking about Lima Vajkule most elegant singer native country It gives the long-awaited concept St. Petersburg scene BKZ October will premiere jubilee solo program
  • 00:34: music and pig pen hands my paradise wedge peekaboo a business larvae and tell please how long do you know creativity lime you do not even have think so long time so for five years listening to the radio periodically probably since childhood
  • 01:00: practically it is my idol and now attaching child of childhood I since the eighties with friends Oscar collect my fate but and you know what song not break or well certainly hits and and
  • 01:30: creativity is Opening Day sailor song the seaman may nostalgia can age but more Earlier I somehow in song mode but it's Opening Day which was the which was the first to generally just need to stuff and most of such popular for Tell me the top and he is even dress beer me
  • 02:00: aha where is the soul edge Health and success all the best to her work as we pleased all she had on her Summit is just as creative person we immediately charming women your creativity continued success I I would wish and happiness success and that it He continued as sing well inspire us all
  • 02:31: beach Bunny thunder Play my fate on Goodbye and furtively I have the first question What about the Olympics sport you We watched with the greatest interesting ok on the eve of March 8 women and girls interested in what the secret of femininity
  • 03:00: Any pet she is feminine necessary woman to love it yes I will not huddle ugly September 1 I want all congratulating on March 8 see what a I have a beautiful start here only colors I
  • 03:30: I wish you all to life was like this the beautiful sweet delicious when questioning Be healthy, be be happy loved and happy holiday greetings from me