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  • 00:10: who did not have back straight Now still can not can not be made and check how man returned I wonder how many people do not work out
  • 00:30: who did not have anyone Halal is not enough and I I know that all the freebies all of you, too, one hundred percent you may no longer here so one hundred percent I'll I can some moments there I do not know what that do I tell you More our base layer constant feedback communication laughing gently interesting life It is becoming incredibly interesting locks
  • 01:00: when work training every his second battle tracking to what extent quality do Exercise I here here there They want to learn and do mirror up and you should look at yourself and my little small leaf before some can watching hockey it motivates me best mirror at all where all see every second bit Feedback it seems you're doing exercises that there is a warm-up we have forgotten how this is I know how to exercise Here the tank must we emerge
  • 01:30: We learned the conic and I feel that is I always cook so sweeping quality quality is more then all the rest we too can still twice to make take only see two more times then give krutch when at this point joke it comes to thoughts that can be as soon something I tell you or something to think about sending you at this moment more A quick look at this I believe that the planet you can put put Better yet more and stronger highest needle
  • 02:00: a dream and that is also believe that you imagine what it all the time you have someone customize I Adjust and itself, Customized You can be you also a ie white are you bothering share deities inhale-exhale more exercise the last four, too We exercise 7 training elegant exercise just loves
  • 02:30: You are incredibly higher what to do with the beginning learns ears indistinguishable but simply Russians fear the grain knee knee knee corner there is nothing again a projection They worked seek to restore lower back would not even should sense strain course
  • 03:11: 5825 knee to the foot of the knee
  • 03:30: five six seven just eight projection worked work on tourism there's the very year affix it explain that this is the maximum return when he had where I I will lay out ten again and then try to fidelity
  • 04:00: If you want stiffer to burn and to pay 10 if you work want on the map everyone will work all things to you if longer want to share and then the United States to this be it work I am hiding in a plane 78 coaches and smile quite Ignore understanding this is not exercise in the sense of this is not an exercise floor exercise
  • 04:31: is able to just a dumb dumb you You will display you understand this here is a little sharper would receive when we run harder because that there may be a sin be still better greater efforts offer it to how to run way should be prepare and shake start
  • 05:06: I have pleasure raising unrealistic hard simply much luck as to overcome a lot of things
  • 06:22: she is 6 all God everything went
  • 06:31: our missed Frog has already run Stop