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  • 00:05: Good day today We'll be with you home cooking processed cheeses multivarka for that we It needs about pound curd guitar home skim cheese need 4 May quail testes 100 grams of butter oil and 56 grams of tea soda spoon on and on first spoon salt thing we despise
  • 00:30: through a sieve fall asleep powder sieve and neatly rubbing with Turks metal Osipa this is done to our melted save not who it was then after we have triturated cheese we add to it
  • 01:03: quail eggs here and there adds butter pour soda
  • 01:31: teaspoon half a spoon salt can be a little less after which all carefully mix with a blender whisk until this
  • 02:00: long as we do not will result in the uniform like sour cream mass and then we broth weight ship in multivarku then we need cooking cream cheese at a temperature of 60 my degrees multivarka has this function more
  • 02:31: that I just I looked at Internet 10 popular multivarok and nine of them I found the existence of such functions called with Street likely This function is and at 10 multivarka but just producer decided not to tell expose proper function manual select the temperature
  • 03:00: 60 degrees and run on the bodies Further the mixture begins quietly warm our task while permanently smoothly stir the mixture to us no lumps and processed cheese It turned out delicious uniform beautiful
  • 03:30: So was ten minutes have happened here such here uniform mass it is ready cheese us it is now necessary to fans pour proper mold and cream cheese will be ready and so switch off multivarku cheese cooled slightly
  • 04:00: chilled warm urine we curd pour mold followed by cheese I stood in the fridge has acquired the required namely consistency gentle fused I want to say that the cheese we have received can be slightly thinner than I would like to but it
  • 04:30: due to the fact that cottage cheese on my the first phase was not 500 grams as the It was planned and It proved the existence of only 370 grams but that less cheese on it does not become less delicious and less useful simply because cheese we had more cream cheese would have made slightly thicker
  • 05:03: during the cooling in refrigerator volume I played it decreased suggests that someone in his refrigerator found dinner before the baby We decorate our sandwich pleasant greenery appetite