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"Новогодний Сюрприз" salad;. New year 2015  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello and welcome Welcome to my channel today's video I want to share with your recipe the original interesting festive salad and I hope you have it vote for cooking this salad I It needs boiled Figure cucumber salted avocado trout or salmon hard-boiled eggs and salad I I mix the mayonnaise and fit fee if you do not pictures can use any creamy contents
  • 00:30: half of the box fetaksa I put in bowl knead with using proteins I add a little mayonnaise and all vzobyu is using blender until uniform consistency we Now this has turned uniform and very interesting taste avocado sauce purify from the skin and remove bone and we shall cut all small diced avocado for this salad is not should be Dubova but should not
  • 01:00: remind porridge well if it is simply and easily I will draw collected using removable ring salad It is performed in layers and the first layer is boiled rice some of his utrambuem and smazhem sauce next layer diced avocado add the sauce and
  • 01:31: again leveled for surface the next layer is grated on a coarse grated egg egg morning top layer lay out cucumbers diced gently smooth the cucumber layer I do not overdo I will because the sauce your content in it three fees and so he enough salts and cucumber layer can
  • 02:01: we take the knife of cucumber lay out a red fish chopped in small pieces and carefully remove the ring salad ready and remains only to decorate a plate on circle adorn slices mechanized cucumber very nice to them look black Maslinka chopped rings in the center at the base of the I put the Harz
  • 02:30: rosettes of red fish and on the edge sprinkle ter how get a very delicious and beautiful before serving We send in a salad Refrigerate for a couple hour soak Thank you for attention wish Bon Appetit and until we meet again on my channel until all