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Origami Tree (Jo Nakashima) - Christmas Tree  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:36: Fold in half and unfold Fold in half vertically and reveals
  • 01:05: Return back Palos and shplaos along the diagonals
  • 01:40: Fold a base waterbomb Fold edge to previous folding
  • 02:07: Shplaos Repeat left fold back
  • 02:50: Turn back the sheet and repeat on the other side
  • 03:44: Fold along the corner përgjysmoreve
  • 04:09: Fold valley two djathas and repeat
  • 04:36: Fold the left-valley Turn back and repeat
  • 05:34: Pull up the skirt forming a tuck-mount (without reference point) Fold-valley on each side
  • 06:03: Fold a piece right and repeat
  • 06:31: Turn back and repeat
  • 07:19: Folding valley Stuck inside corner of the other layers
  • 07:32: Repeat
  • 08:05: One of the green units completed. Make others with other dimensions (for description to see video) Let plaosim trunk Fold in half and çpalosni
  • 08:36: Fold in half vertically and çpalosni Turn the sheet back Fold along the diagonals and çpalosni
  • 09:20: Fold a base waterbomb Fold and unfold the items in the center
  • 09:49: Fold the right corner to folding that just did Çpalosni Repeat left
  • 10:09: Fold corner to the previous folding and unfold Repeat on the other side
  • 10:30: Divide three segments in half
  • 11:01: Repeat on the left side Turn back and repeat
  • 13:12: Fold the ruffle three times using existing folds
  • 13:58: Repeat on each piece
  • 16:02: You fold a right layer and compress the above Fold a right layer and gird
  • 16:31: Push the top edge and fold back two layers Repeat on the right side
  • 17:28: Turn back and repeat
  • 19:02: Connect the unit with big green tree Connect and others
  • 20:00: Our finished Origami Tree!