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  • 00:01: Hello friends! Today we will prepare Cake "Snickers Air" Ingredients: flour, soda, mayonnaise, boiled condensed milk, Condensed milk decoction we advance, sugar butter Walnuts 1 cup egg - 6 pieces
  • 00:30: margarine vanilla sugar Butter and margarine, condensed milk - should be at room temperature Separate the proteins from egg yolks
  • 01:08: Arrange in individual dishes to the yolks add 1 cup of sugar and mix
  • 01:52: Add margarine and mix
  • 02:13: Add 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise 1 teaspoon of baking soda
  • 02:33: repay vinegar Add 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar
  • 03:00: all mix well Now, add 3 cups flour and knead the dough the dough should have elastic soft Here is the dough should have
  • 03:34: divide it into 3 parts send it in the fridge for 30 minutes
  • 04:00: The whites - add 1.5 cups of sugar add gradually stirring little by little, and beat Whisk until thick and stable foam That's the way
  • 04:35: Put the condensed milk in a bowl add 200 grams of butter and beat well until smooth Well, the cream is ready
  • 05:00: Turn on the oven to 160 degrees Grind the walnuts not very finely in a blender Here's to a consistency Lubricate the form of butter
  • 05:39: Prepare the first layer one ball test spread evenly over the bottom of the form
  • 06:02: Put a lot of protein - 1/3 To stay another 2 layer fork to make peaks
  • 06:41: Send up to 40 minutes in the oven first skin we left the oven and the same to do with the remaining two balls of dough In total we must have three cakes
  • 07:04: Forty minutes and we turned here is a cake-meringue Baked three cakes, Now, oil cream cake 2
  • 07:33: each cake individually the cream that we have prepared lubricate copiously cooking cream devide into two parts grease the cake first and second third - topsheet otherwise decorate
  • 08:00: Now, sprinkle with walnuts Put the second cake on top Oil cream and sprinkle with nuts
  • 08:43: and finally the last a third layer We laid the third cake
  • 09:07: decorate the cake 1-2 Melt chocolate bars and decorate Snickers, may be completely covered with chocolate
  • 09:38: Sprinkle a little nuts
  • 10:01: Well that's all, enjoy your tea!