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How to prepare a tasty transparent jelly. How to cook a delicious transparent jelly.  See details »

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  • 00:08: how to cook jelly I took garages tails of them received delicious jelly on I have enough number hesitated it turns out that is you can remove the chicken cock pig's trotters then anything To do this, first I These tails are steeped in
  • 00:31: the water they stood in my few hours soaked for to an extra glass Blood now they svetlenkie good to jelly was bright and delivered on the fire until boiling when we begin to boil We will shoot foam that's going to have foam We need to remove it
  • 01:01: we remove the foam all rented to aspic was neat thing is not late not to miss the foam from then but if you suddenly We missed the first water can be drained and pour again after When this jelly well, we already begin to boil fasten on slow fire
  • 01:30: very barely there so do skunks and it smolders we like somewhere is grieving exactly 45 hours and so pray jelly persons choose our that's the most important in aspic then I take off the foam and Now I add bay leaf
  • 02:00: fragrant pepper peas that's one bulb brushed bulbs also I add in jelly legs add another carrots for color in this way it is all you need to remove and the most important thing when jelly you will the stew on the stove there Cover but does not cover
  • 02:30: ie close be slightly the lid slightly ajar There are traces of the to cover not was closed ie completely leave little this gap But in principle we Foam almost cleared aspic 6 votekicked, Then I fasten He will slowly chalk slowly dollars states
  • 03:11: I'll show you here now formed such plenochka aspic given that this aspic on beef Varenna is also particularly is not present and if on pork that is, if used pork
  • 03:30: legs of the fat It obtained in aspic a little more and then one obtained by solidification aspic White white fat on top of that is that it was not well here the fat remove common napkins conventional napkins in I like this here threatens napkins and jelly it neatly absorbs always the fat and rented
  • 04:00: I withdrew take napkin I throw and napkin how to collect this fat that was jelly clear transparent have the upper plaque now we
  • 04:30: clean conspired and pork the more fat that eat more salfetochek more times until you see that completely clean aspic here yet little hole to clear basically jelly we can say is ready until you spill determine that it ready meaning it here
  • 05:00: You see eating boils glues me for a long time long I check when you swore from separate by means of bone ie willing to aspic You can be sure But if you are using But if there are many beef tails is not Gelatin is nothing I do not just add the waters tails here salted pepper onion throw for the teacher He now also I
  • 05:34: I add it to when the end of cooking already removed warbler Garlic is well on lover who Skok a matter of taste add garlic I love good xib I felt in the jellied in aspic garlic's
  • 06:09: all Now I literally five minutes it'll set cover I turn off and after We reach this meat I am separated from the bone smoothes the floor. and spill jelly
  • 06:30: So I have separated bones pulled from soup broth He got divorced. Now he's my until you turned 36 and trays 5 liter I had the pan and Grade 5 round beef that's how much they I hesitated a lot from the bone I separates meat
  • 07:06: it hesitated then Now separate the not to look through it was zhevachek if there is a tidy his into pieces and decompose
  • 07:34: sips of broth so it turns out meat aspic delicious as cascading heckling
  • 08:00: current made aspic then when I already divided all trays I will leave it cool hardens see what it will continue that's already got jellied the refrigerator as we see it here well stiffened and can be
  • 08:32: it has to eat that is nothing complicated if you like my videos subscribe to my RSS feed to goodbye