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  • 00:06: hello today I want to show you as the fit is such scarf this model Model scarf I I show already in the second time to knit because it was The very first model I took off on but as the video Then the video was quite quite me I poor-quality
  • 00:31: I decided to re-shoot the video can not over time, Perez him all her old videos are filmed in very bad and as well Photos leave but also show more just like to shoot this scarf for this model I scarf use the hook 4 a half thickness millimeter and here this thread as you can see the relationship between crochet thread I
  • 01:02: so that is a hook and much thicker than I own it and you I recommend to this scarf model use the hook no thicker than itself especially for those who knits pretty tight I and so forming the first loop and begin to knit aerial loops we loops
  • 01:35: provyazyvaem apart they simply knit aerial loops we We must tie chain of the air loops of this length how long we want to our scarf for example I link somewhere meter twenty you knit the length of your that is, how long It is a chain of
  • 02:00: stitches this length will yours Here I am bound I needed length Chains of air loops my case is 120 you knit centimeters its length I gave them provyazyvayu one air loop height and series and then from the first loops begin knit columns without sc and each
  • 02:33: eyelet that is from each chain provyazyvaem one the pillar without sc Thus, we knit to the end of a number that's so comfortable king
  • 03:00: Yes, I linked this number almost to the end and It left me knit even several loops and here are three tabs provyazyvaya their usual columns, without sc
  • 03:31: like that at the end of each row we proceed as follows way will knit one air eyelet for height series and turning work here, etc. we knit the same bars without sc we have this loop we knit for the height of the row always miss and
  • 04:00: from the first loops we We must tie bars without sc As you can see, each Collar is we two sides of the front and we are now back We will knit for the rear thread each eyelet bars without sc that's the way it We have knit usual bars without sc Well clung to the back a thread each eyelet here
  • 04:30: so much so in we get a relief uzorchik thus we principle and will to knit we will knit scarf columns, without sc clinging to the back of the thread each eyelet here so as you can see now! relief is not very visible
  • 05:01: because we knit little but after a few series it will be very thus very visible we were binding up the end of this series so I knit and the number almost to the end until I have nothing to do remained neprovyazannymi 3 loops and I provyazyvayu as usual ie without the bars
  • 05:31: sc clinging the rear thread each eyelet that's so on at the end this series and we follow the screws we will do in the following way we will provyazyvat one air loop height and
  • 06:01: series and turning further work is nothing It does not change, we were binding bars without sc clinging to the back of the thread each eyelet so we knit and the number and subsequent rows of the have this scarf fit very, very simply turns
  • 06:31: so very beautiful we were binding until We did not obtain the required breadth of our scarf and so I tied several rows while I have not received the necessary the width of my scarf and as you can see I have connected it is not very wide because I'm so need you link it more wide as you can see uzorchik we
  • 07:01: turned a beautiful relief and he reaches the pattern in knitting hook and called gum and so I have left knit in the last last row eyelet and want show you how close and finish this model and scarf so provyazyvaem last eyelet and the rear thread
  • 07:39: no frames like this in the end of the series we do one air loop pull very well for thread and can be trim the ends
  • 08:00: that we We remained at the beginning of knitting and at the end knitting need cautiously fill our it can work done with thinner hook that's so carefully enter this thread within or using a needle with such a wide ushkam but this video Knitting lessons this scarf model came by the end
  • 08:30: All forward more often on my site thank you all for all bye Bye