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  • 00:00: Welcome to Mamochkin channel today we knit crochet pattern which is called crocodile skin as Knit pattern for such I circle for hats I show in one of the the following video and Now we will learn to knit A sample of this pattern for sample we We shall find August 20 Air loops twenty four aerial loops us need for four scales 3
  • 00:31: air hinges we will rise replace the first column with sc and 1 air already we are starting to Knit the first row on the scored 20 August air loops and seventh loop from the beginning we provyazyvaem 2 column with 1 sc Knit in column the same loop the second column with
  • 01:01: sc further provyazyvaem air loop skipping loops 2 string in the third knit one post with sc 1 again loop airbag 2 tabs are missing in third knit 2 column with sc
  • 01:31: 1 air again hinge loops 2 skip 1 post with sc one air loop 2 tabs are missing in third with two columns sc and so on until the end series in every third loop we provyazyvaem alternating with the 1 bar
  • 02:00: nakida the two column with sc between these alternations provyazyvaem one air 1 column with 1 sc Overhead 2 loops in the third two columns with sc the last loop in We get one column with sc
  • 02:33: We will continue to knit a number of which we and here these will scales from the skin one crocodile air recruit lift turn knitting and on tick two bars with sc and will knit flakes on the first tick
  • 03:01: and capturing and right side below She knit 5 columns with 3 column nakida Knit 4 directly below the first column of This tick here Knit 5 columns sc with us here at it turns right
  • 03:31: 1 half flakes then we are under a second a second column This tick has a Left hand knit also 5 bars with sc by himself column March 4 and 5 with column
  • 04:04: nakida here we The first scale happened Now a lone column we provyazyvat convex column without sc ie under grab bar thread and provyazyvaem as a regular column sc without further
  • 04:31: again we common tick two columns under the right column with right side below picking up the thread provyazyvaem 5 columns with sc turn knitting
  • 05:00: and a little under the left column knit the same 5 columns with sc second column 3 4 and 5 February flake prepared
  • 05:34: a lone column Again provyazyvaem convex column without sc on again checked again knit right half scales with 5 columns sc
  • 06:04: and so on until the end of the series then knit the flake a convex column, without sc the check mark consisting two columns knit flake over the lonely
  • 06:30: column knit convex column without sc Knit up a number of end finished knitting 1 series scales Air recruit 3 lift turn knitting a base 3 air lift provyazyvaem 1 column with sc with
  • 07:03: three air is we will be the first check mark 1 air lifting and in the middle of a scales provyazyvaem 1 column with 1 sc Air On Over convex column previous row we provyazyvaem tick consisting of two columns with sc Further airbag 1 again in the middle of a
  • 07:31: 1 column with flakes sc 1 Air over the convex column previous row 2 column with 1 sc and 2 to the 1 Air 1 column with 1 sc air two column with sc
  • 08:02: and throughout the series 1 air lonely column with 1 sc Air and here last loop two columns with sc a preparatory series associated knit series
  • 08:31: flakes 1 Air lift and just below Left column checkboxes knit with 5 columns sc 4 post with sc and 5 more turn knitting on the front side here we are right
  • 09:00: mate flakes The first involves Now on the left column knit second half first flakes column with sc the second column with nakida 3 column 4 and 5
  • 09:31: Now I get the first scale 2 rows below as already familiar above the bars lonely knit convex column without sc on tick knit flake right hand 5 bars and tick From the left side checkmark under the left column also 5
  • 10:01: columns with sc pattern looks very beautiful and fit simply can be one or two times watch video lesson and then easily knit these scales in one of the following video tutorials wait such as a knit pattern circular knitting on
  • 10:33: range required for knitting mitts or knitting hats here we contacted 2 scales the second series and so we continue to end of the series at the end of a series of last tick knit and flake Now go to
  • 11:01: next row I will show 5 bars with sc turn knitting select here bar which we I stayed by ticks and above it is also 5 columns with sc
  • 11:34: Knit 5 columns with sc and then an eyelet in the base column knit connective column here we turned such pattern consisting of two already rows of scales traceable checkerboard pattern these scales already obtained
  • 12:00: we are now beautifully We will knit another a preparatory series for the third row Basically all scales series tally alike only start them because of this staggered little changes here We scored one air lifting and the middle of a previous scales provyazyvaem 1 column with sc 1 further airbag and over the connector on the convex column previous row
  • 12:30: knit two tick column with sc continue as usual one air midway scales 1 column with 1 sc air over sorry convex column previous row tick if you You are going to knit beanie or may it is better to be bolero even necessary
  • 13:00: first to link here a sample which we were binding on the the model then we will measure how initial quantity loops we need gain for one or that model this pattern a report of 6 that is, for four Here we flakes recruited twenty four air loop and then Three air is rise already in the first row and 1 is the air It has already begun to knit
  • 13:32: the first row so we measured in the length our sample and count up how many centimeters occupied our these four flakes So we finished the series column with sc made one air and in the first check start knit our flake 5 columns with sc and
  • 14:01: then everything clear will continue to all rows repeat and you have already learned how to knit when meet you lonely column and When a tick over which it is necessary to knit flake if any remain you can question write to comments leave your opinion about
  • 14:30: video Tutorials if something is not I liked too speak out please feel free to comments because that feedback very important stay with us subscribe to Mamochkin channel speak up opinion in the comments Thank you for attention