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Schoolmates. How to zaplanirovovat the publication in group on schoolmates. Chironova.ru - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: a good time of day Communications Tatyana Chernova I would like to congratulate all who have social group network classmates because administration added function Now we can here plan I now publish I show you how It is here for example I want to run Video recipes of their press group create I leave a reference as the cook cheese cake without baking
  • 00:31: then I click this icon set date and time publications and ask I first donation goes here Calendar plan can for the year ahead to 2014 to December and and selects a number gets after this is my scheduled topic go to section
  • 01:01: unpublished Now will show you how to find this section and make this jacket recruit topics choose unpublished and seeing each other for development published by theme and only this minus they are not chronologically manner such as I did facebook ie earlier standing at the top Later visa where they are all peremeshku 10 or 25 December worth topic
  • 01:30: today too to December 25 ie it certainly is not me like what to do it is still a very convenient to advise you soon to start enjoy this function as it It will be great save you time and yet I will show them Now how to change Publication time that direct the mouse in our new office press and can edit here to change time
  • 02:00: publication precisely as well as when we number only calendars here and pops We can also change save time and We see that time publication Now she has changed He was 25 and result will published tomorrow so in this video lesson I showed you how
  • 02:30: plan its publication in social group network classmates if you like This video tutorial is click on the button under my video like Tom Thumb add up the video tutorial you elected if you do not want to lose friends share social networks and if you want to regularly to receive such video lessons that subscribe to my channel and make it You can click on middle of the window
  • 03:00: screen on this I you say goodbye to meet the following video tutorials on the village good