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  • 00:00: Hello dear viewers not Fair He appeared assessment of respected veterans of rock I am doing it for about twenty years In this short video I want tell both by but a partner to identify suitable Aries or not I will show you all the signs major signs of a happy marriage or Not really sum wherein conditionally shown
  • 00:32: Happy line that may be common between men and women to marry was happy in general, should be the following Thanksgiving line of love that are under the base month runs parallel to the first line of the heart cross the four finger But in the same time, this line It should be equally partners the end of heart line
  • 01:00: It should also be equally desirable if it is different but at least this line should be ideally Now the court or on the ground Once this line is the heart But in this place down long endure This negative know in this case the person needs reconsider its attitude Vova criterion for choosing a partner it is all expressed in the negative you know this one here is a reproach to Venus
  • 01:31: It should be according to someone there also the same and why he Square It's flat is our life underground rooms a man of very little sex can very high tea is also too lustful so it would be very important creature this one little finger little finger the tips of the hair so that it is desirable I was up here this religion, or at least
  • 02:00: earlier you line area here is very informative Now this line of destiny and that's it to the fate line approach from the and brother or sister of his life News our potential husbands and wives and so it is very important what will happen to the fate of the line have not learned years after the merger that a husband or wife here shown
  • 02:30: merger after which the fate of the line good as it does not take root without islands negative other countries it is a happy marriage now this was mad and here Pliny life the impact of our line, too ready before the end of it is very important to find the beginning of the relations and this is now the end of the line Happy Meals marriage guardian So this is why happy because they are no negative signs and here here here in this picture
  • 03:00: It shows the opposite picture a panel of judges will are line impact of husbands and wives who after which after which brought profit with islands and although here today understand, and here here here line impact they, too bad here comes line Rasool Court blue thumb it means you know the rupture of relations for some reason here comes the line once it has made or ochkom
  • 03:30: crossed it is also aware of the negative it means cessation of the year due the beginning and that's Kopecky but now I want to tell you in case of practice when unfortunately already could not help but nevertheless it may be for Some people instructive Here is the opinion of the head of the second cross line on the palm showers after heart investment Now women but tsirenina but such
  • 04:01: both for stuffing whether branching is the protection of Russia is going to a disease that is head and psychiatrist when the king was diagnosed Now the debts of disability so that's what happened to be here is here view of marriage is humor too which was part of the According to the commission of the Knesset means Turkey Partner of parting exactly 20 years ago and lasted for compassion about twenty years
  • 04:31: in April and then I saw the difficulty here Now get it are coming from the lines husband but Do not end the main that indicate that in the year is due to the postponement of violations of brain activity that is compassion is necessary but to what is certain limit and 24 Vitali very important certainly see and this amount
  • 05:00: this ozone who sit too well hidden there is something which information about love Finally area which deceived informative nonetheless can also be see potential partners and this no heart when he goes here such here or down dash it the beginning and end of a relationship but I repeat the most to the informative value of this coach fate and where determined time marriage according to the destiny and
  • 05:31: during the conclusion of the beginning and end relations near the line of life life line can be It was exactly can lead Example case report when the Board of Service EC as it helped people maintain a healthy life but I always adjust brass growth future and help limit a choice of color in the way things should be respect privacy any health and You were certainly deserve
  • 06:00: happier life and we must remember that it is always warned people it protected person, contact companies binding tell the phone that the aircraft Decree behind me but 5 4 6 9 1 1 6 or 6 thank you dear to be with me and better