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  • 00:00: hello that such I am brujo and once again I'm here on Channel 7 Now I'm going to spend the kind of how take the bottles are thrown trash in this case is a video let's talk about what are recycled when they go to use a bottle
  • 00:30: glass will be painted is the advice I give the Olympics with alcohol or combining the end is very good to remove any thanks to the technique that will teach them right now Lake with bottles I like the way it is but have letters have decals then remove hard time two is laborious for the shape of the bottle and it is already previously and clean with alcohol and I'll give
  • 01:01: a hand sees him white paint Acrylic and for that we will use after this banana peels and acrylic paint and a napkin material left then what I do is nothing more to give one pass all bottles white paint should not be couple completely cover the layer
  • 01:31: Acrylic is nothing to make a little porous and I can very well win it what I want to stick my painting is dry on this side and I'll start hitting the shell of Egg and I have here the habits then what I do is put slabs this open plastic bag
  • 02:03: the iron and I will crush chiquitos did not make us possible then I have my eggshells I will take white glue and I will apply over the entire bottle to go starting a shell hit us
  • 02:36: Following brush if not use plastic can use a most widespread tray to give you a Breaded a bottle and go It pasting the eggshells that's how they it should no longer be left so thick here since I finished paste
  • 03:16: eggshells here are another color because it is colored egg but they do not matter that nothing happens it will not we note that after going to paint vane chose a color meat and a blue hat we call them not only a gray little action are the volumes that I chose according the napkin I'll stick to decorate a bottle at the end Then he took a little paint the brush lock and I will apply
  • 03:47: in some parts scattered same without skin as color rinses and and so we're going to fill all and the bottle was still in
  • 04:18: pintadita bottle tones I I wanted to give consistency that you're like any combination outlined it you to severe as I said are napkin is the I want to stick here and this and the tones with napkins are the I chose to here
  • 04:48: then right now we proceed to using glue or glue napkin and I'll take care napkin probably it breaks when it The're sticking is normal because It is very thin all that stick napkins and know how it works This normally try not we will break everything in this case napkins and will break and
  • 05:18: also obviously finishing the egg shells were one raised little then we will apply the napkin and to achieve Also the finish that I want do all corrugated obviously the base having then we will be a little less
  • 06:08: white paint on rag or napkin Let's remove the excess to know that It is already well taken correctly and not we have to be smearing his work for all beginners it is full on her hand and they were Rociito and the point is to make the dry brushing or 15 This is the way how is the the napkin stuck on the shell of egg is the effect I like him compadre which is smooth is the part
  • 06:40: glass and in the squares on mind are being the shell is the effect I like to give the bottles The cans in this case are bottles ready to be
  • 07:24: could or wash them and remove very well labels then a small sample is a bottle with ice crack napkin small butterflies it is pure strokes exposed brushstroke and hand me like brillitos counting reflection this is what we usually do here girls are bottles of soda and if the finish is completely removed
  • 07:54: I simply make recycling easy bottles and all they do is cut some pieces of beeston pégale flowers and this is a good gift of sweets and stuff it this is another technique is suspicious fernado is a napkin is your face the bottle is also a technical we seek them other girls and that's a little more rustic practically work early
  • 08:25: to start working what is recycling and is peacefully have I worked with mechanics I put this and very Mexican to make it the boys just is not the way to me I like to recycle bottles hope you like the part of what I do I want to thank you for all all comments that have subscribed to the channel to continue sharing the video am very grateful to all of you
  • 08:56: contact us here follow writing I send a big kiss to all days bush