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  • 00:00: Hello I yuri Shatohin on my video channel for more than 300 video and it is very uncomfortable in the sense when you need to find specific video turn over all Three hundred is very convenient but there is a playlist and playlist creation limited more than here I give the example of one playlist deleted thought all his shifted no more gave to create this playlist that was
  • 00:31: apparently there is some restrictions I created I have a list of list specific video well Now will not homeland to show but it is and under every video I just as I place list of my videos channel here for example here seen from I list my channel click to read on here all the 316 video on the time that there but other than that
  • 01:02: can see what there is a video to to you immediately came Posts mail about what placed a new video And for example, I signed per channel and Stas toni that's where SUBSCRIPTION framed press on gear and put check report news and save you will immediately come to the post office message that placed a new video the channel to
  • 01:30: who signed as here to maximally convenient to my subscribers find video right on them category I'll write This video is just for this and on its website fail us blog who just here integrated I created My last record Reviews by Category quickly find video and now here
  • 02:00: link This category has 4.1 number that is here here is a top 414 my channel 1 5, this a second channel on th tube and 41 of my reviews categories in the section next category of my video reviews neubivaemaya windows antivirus utility antivirus browsers that is, this is now and now all I have show that he section of my reviews
  • 02:34: categories except own category in large letters there is a built-in some sections links, and here they are accompanied active links that is, if you see that you are interested in this video and press fall directly on my channel and watch the video that you enjoyed further and look here first posted
  • 03:01: all the reasons why computer slows down second video host like fix and make work for them section here neubivaemaya Vindos antivirus utility see you interesting and press go antiviruses video on browsers delete browser toolbars and unwanted software from visual browsers Share all videos on visual bookmarks system optimization
  • 03:30: system software free website driver as a novice to find install the driver and so on all text that refers to text here as built-in separate virtual video cars Decisions of the Board Problems like this are advice which I I am writing video reviews here all placed
  • 04:00: new approaches year and now I'm alone also I made on 40 trees Desktop there applets download free code tree to the site can on its website place a garland 40 Christmas trees and garlands is Desktop on sound computer music audio and video Players converters cloud Warehouse 50 GB 1 terabyte so what support for windows xp
  • 04:30: He completed some Antivirus and well and operating system using a answers on questions separately I made these links to videos Working with images create a record remove the mount email all by e-mail that I wrote down what 40 reviews Search search engines search for a new satellite search engine, and so on password any video on how to choose passwords
  • 05:00: bukrider email book settings six-string guitar all pazbe by flash com I I wrote android linux youtube what information It does not fit under the other Forums for information Petra first decree new chronology new year and analytical reviews down here there section where you can
  • 05:30: leave a comment I'm here if you want if you have already written written comment and it is not no experiencing enabled optional comments ie moderate Your comments will after my approval this is done to cut and comments narcissism fleet grow and inadequate public and here a button back to top that's all I wanted I introduce you I considered necessary that the
  • 06:00: by category find videos it much more convenient and does not only you my subscribers and the people are just but me and subscribe to myself created on computer list here I keep it with them and copied and sometimes I constantly in the description I place a video links to sites on the programs and sometimes I myself I go through the list quickly like some kind of video I need to find
  • 06:30: link so far faster than looking at on this computer All in all good subscribe to my channel bye