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We do sour cream of kefir, the super recipe  See details »

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  • 00:00: youtube hello now I will show you how out make yogurt sour cream you say is nonsense let us first see what we so we will take yogurt a pound of 2 and 5, greasiness possible I can be different
  • 00:36: tried college one condition interested fat protein carbohydrates calorie and without gm his interest in the matter which native curve as kefir yogurt Let's see to avoid problems
  • 01:07: that is, joints normal Eugene why not here too much stuffed ie lovers to write all the small stuff so it is important to take started immediately pack approaching
  • 01:39: the fridge is our chilled open the freezer do not forget the freezer up in here like this best viewed g-shock was all here but please rezinochka close It is evening now I think until morning all a business freeze but tomorrow
  • 02:10: We open see here I passed the night Now it's morning let's look that our kefir happened peep fork close your our monolith
  • 02:45: yogurt froze exactly It is not clear Well it is not clear and so it is not clear to it to make us sour cream in addition so we have frozen etheric needed here such a thing with holes the hole is desirable
  • 03:15: to be full of holes wow cool effect as possible as bullet time and throw here Now let that oh yes it is necessary to hide it all the same otherwise we nothing happens
  • 03:45: the flow is not so will we so it is necessary to hide the good repair It is considered to be about hands freeze is fat Gets an array of
  • 04:18: frozen yes it is because our yogurt lit so now put it all here business and wait until it will melt melt thick remain outside but will down drain water such as
  • 04:50: So although oh well hole too big so I'll take gauze for a minimum bint mobile mom on so long as there is a bandage neckline even make a single layer enough to let two layers
  • 05:21: with a scythe I smell do not know results show steeper when melted the whole thing I see it will not soon be so But then at least water drainage will adjust the density sour the longer
  • 05:52: waiting for more water will flow the thicker will sour well, something like Well, now is now sho again waiting waiting waiting freeze until now the We will wait until Now melt the ice I put the battery a little from there to sharaga like this can Mr. Shaw will be faster and
  • 06:23: Now dear friends commercial break when melted continue on So you see already starts melting I have fallen down albeit while I believed further post principle
  • 06:53: probably already all all thawed sour cream It happened as promised can not to end upland
  • 07:23: so where are you now! should be enough so pretty where we are so it is super me here in this
  • 08:06: a plate of something like a lot of game left Vodicka not whey I know that wow that's what happened and us what it is like to sour cream
  • 08:36: visually, these 5 but that's like a sour cream silent Spoon is not well worth clear enough
  • 09:08: waited You can do more longer wait all try to find midway of the state and spoon so okay now I try a pancake sour vnature so little yogurt cheeks slightly
  • 09:40: give a little bit of attacks methane so please use the method if you need sour, and between other than to receive store some manufacturers do most sour nightmare Now all use this method that's the kind of sour cream
  • 10:17: I learned from kefirchik here even prevent it it would be good breasts sky like that of the metal I still sour seating all
  • 10:47: Thank you for attention use this councils who do not believe but make sure check until all that is good do not forget subscribe because will continue even a lot of interesting Good luck everyone