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  • 00:19: says its program rather UAH I lead her the problem of this theme appear today holiday New Year's table since they are prepared from a piece of something
  • 00:31: he that it is not so it really sounds prolong riga importance of this hall we tons to sensing the grotto China FSFM funny sauce flight potatoes floor at American if you want to develop and relatives relatives can remember the name on French, it will be could the channel with society about Udo overcome in general, that it will continue to
  • 01:00: production I fell into such a long potatoes hoax along the sea not necessary parts affected carriage from distant countries now have a potato what overseas and crumble it into the flour mix solim and decompose the lattice to them to put it in the oven like this here
  • 01:30: manner another side a country which is that it is cut off just as wet as its because not very good stick Mukaev Solis normal Cassano usually small that there are no especially Tricks may, if so then what it can to dry Monastery in Moscow that adheres better I have medication currency coupon and it will have such an outlet outflow
  • 02:00: white little too such pleasant ed but also makes it necessary to help the crust incidentally potatoes price impasse and get a clear because n up to us to get a dish that will decorate the Christmas table so here we'll try to learn guys and all the more so because it is very fast or how to grow
  • 02:30: not to knock about Rossi long some sort of dishes on New Year's table you can try this to the world very Marianna we made an impression on those who understand something water pathetic and places in the kitchen but if someone will decorate Christmas elderly table here it just brought us a makeover put the oven preheated to two hundred
  • 03:01: ten degrees with Kudrin, on the one hand and pin seriously about manage here probably squeaked on all sides nose head pain but on top we live help groups the value of a foolish bluff country his being from this country because of the internal cut off from we teach enter years and they show it
  • 03:30: the outer side on which we with you Kozhin majority share ipo subcutaneous fat, we continue with our you challenge you to endure rub to remove for this is that we are made gently with a knife do not recognize themselves Noskov only water meat We make such notches on it but Emma's skin such diamonds here like this, he
  • 04:03: a fact that's only just here in thought by basic and now to the other side sharper than erect but why it's easier will perform this procedure healthy taught vodka enough to let's say
  • 04:30: that person for a year how to be garages there is still one hand Set your in the New Year's table we did because it is cut thin slices who they should ideally be such in red section it is not necessary to fry to brown a thermal power station and this time she as Putin's group is preparing the premiere as well as
  • 05:00: rubles that the former should definitely be but also with blood yes but only a little a little red there, we will it's just symbolism shall salt MSK and pepper this will be enough Astana steam machines he would deliver what can you be accurately bold move large foreign nations
  • 05:30: and courage and now we have a little It can be a little atrium cube rubles TUSUR period to it, including entered our cut simple left Gudkov time during frying so people villa down skin cup after the pan and then
  • 06:03: and I will continue to maintain the same the way to the middle m If you visit Russia on a visit to the nation's capital according to which put us in States to refrain from opening stores all the conditions have in North Ossetia, he said that it is very well-suited all
  • 06:31: whether he will opportunities that come from leading which actually opened for schools there is no god to the eve of elections smash and berries ringing burst that's just in China if the aggressor add sugar about the degree of closure of small stands in
  • 07:01: It has such a noble longer Street IDF is still needed or you will be too sour piece pretty much the doctor cop but I very quickly rotate it did not suffer, I just to the percentage for the development of even Now this adequately
  • 07:33: and now Kokoyev little to the development of the employee we are standing on the other Slovaks the consequences of individuals here just there Amur region that it failed to quickly recall in the fact that the two categories are should be in February station our alliance Judge
  • 08:00: ended the season had this year only in May component let the number of available bit lucky pilots were 0 6 Hlushakou Loskov went faster the said v.suslov court whether in this respect, it is his
  • 08:31: interesting and what tools they are most It suits them plant We not only why you're still there if someone that is, its assets and presidency sauce offsets as you would in the case of fat I wanted to put self-service Now all the court added a lot beautiful women that we get this price includes
  • 09:02: among the best if it was introduced Prince Hisahito of Akishino thing is We are able to process trees have no special meaning, in turn, wishing to US courts make the country even if you put earlier who went first thing in the day birth 266 than the men and women
  • 09:32: even if the woman is still more final day US and NATO I personally think he believes that today This position gave us a few minutes that we warmed up a bit fry in melted butter boiling Egypt and they will come slowly tires already recklessly at their own salaries griddle with a heavy day 9 diplomat
  • 10:00: we build long start to prepare already in the dish UAH feed we take a large plate and entrusted to him some sort of salad, I already have small cases wrote regional committee Here are a large lytvyn discovering novel but that is green animating but if the landscape nearby
  • 10:33: I take a plate contract Here I have now because now we have him act carefully spatula Fidel in Europe You can use all such a metal sieve how I can use standard gauze just a piece of gauze
  • 11:01: it says to survive through it as from that already make such individuals become red redcurrant currants were redcurrant there you have them there perfectly possible court use them instead the place was clear this would be 100 km I remember full replacement Here I am here and so the corner under the hood
  • 11:30: through a sieve we are carefully proton m to all these in bones or school theater at the buffet were not included in Our sauce is ready Misharin wipe as long as possible melancholy as long as you do not stay in odnushku than I probably getting over reached seems to me that on my two daughters that would be enough if you want to Ambassador that you had
  • 12:03: Bryansk is now completely on gantseva there is little he stands in Moscow and if he was very outgoing Lindstrom him can add the percentage of a piece in a very cold butter and stir when he will be on the plate you had much hope our newspaper again favors the leg let us look interested Islamists slightly turned
  • 12:30: Now it should be easy the protocols and conditions of such it all actually here item I a little bit Reds do not know how true this is maybe so but that's the way it should be I think that it should be a little scary so I'm him on board it does not know how fast we also good think I put in the Cup could hardly be
  • 13:02: give them I a little bit relax just do not know Five minutes or so then this is now lost but numbness say which comes removing amount but from a very hot oil Well, does he have to relax a ton or become softer do not just try to impose and serve immediately on the table, let them a wee bit
  • 13:30: some rest here and potatoes but that's about to receive a blow to NATO meaning Prohorenko inflated Here it should be that is just showing that potatoes can even caked Vasu not and we will correct this beautiful Lenfilm unusual to go forth a curious m
  • 14:00: Machine group which appears here such here we get beauty laptops oddly cut about the same as the fish is based on such of movement a mutation in its Istanbul we are with you, we do not know Well so we turned it ii probably festive
  • 14:30: m Berkeley dishes in red with White can legally m time and up to 3 of your fun meet May was a program a man's game I lead her Andrei Bugajski if largely