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  • 00:00: hello good afternoon all lovers he went fishing on vodka today We simultaneously meeting I came to my package wrapped silicone decided remove a small survey I passed the information By the way, John dies It helps me get Vladimir cuckoo all hi yes sedobka I go to the test passed Information in general she tells the I can not leave it unattended themselves
  • 00:32: but already sensational Sedov, as they say price and all well see Jurassic bowl there even bought ordered way ointment my bad internet Cassie does not store know what kind of a name I came across okay warren normal prices packed as
  • 01:03: I rat no thanks you bahamas Havana floor city transplanted not a rat but there is still little silicone Mikado ordered try just lucky john Shaw then turns seen to give, and to give him 39-inch five pieces but
  • 01:33: but but but but you seem Silicone on brick Get it expensive than it smells here pancake mackerel shrimp than shrimp folder So I took this too coloring on ultraviolet it black and stops in the courtroom for the trial We need to call where is the price but I think for such a silicone body 39 inches
  • 02:00: according to my 1505 pieces you said 7 about five pieces are May 3 go in the package so says strong macro strong smell to mcrae some silver right translate I do not know no it's not here, we
  • 02:31: so we cut here this coloring this interesting daddy give his revenge Mr. light brown too close for a couple well and form also do so later and I took one more thing tea line color, in principle, but I try it if
  • 03:00: of old-fashioned color Chartreuse is possible workers say yes Yes, I can, I do not know like the others I such as the poison works water at all times it is the longish clone installation will inside I tried it found pair it too normally set yes only here No marveled not More so now here thickening where here it is necessary that the tee in this place came Bray's become a week this is precisely the case he thickness will I try but I think repair long is something she sees and
  • 03:30: filing a rush and go under this classic so here again tormented Fornication some intelligence this was with yellow sequins More block coloring it some bluish Tinsel is such I think that is transparent in certain conditions will work all the way room
  • 04:00: try because that again and silicone inexpensive general issued the information I have there I stumbled upon this ointment since then, these little art it not very introduced to create and That's what I Swatch name flounder MAZ shot I could not name bytes there is a breeze company name here at it cost 12 hryvnia for thing but I'm here to online store and the amount and that if take many three and a something completed come within this rough number 3 Ruble Sandra Brel Separately say well
  • 04:30: cheap short Well it is both the buy breeze there Silicone also baxi here it looks like a coupe with him in general there are three steel tire here is a quarter as they say bait must like the fisherman dose Vernon had to be me I do not like it is like fish then I I think worked well like proved this color is some green probably ektipos green way way here are the stages ultraviolet
  • 05:00: lights yes I'm the boys in the cartridge store conducted Now he can see this I passed this shade This is green communism has made the lesson is interesting I myself something for Then he took the bait Now here you are small size three of the road before 7 centimeters must I took nine 39 it took nine
  • 05:30: centimeters try too, it is again the color of the They called line Mr. Gray and Mr. greedy to try one Such forms are not Raines yes do not use the same often not well I level this is a little longer Keanu is not going to this themselves for the gift cutting. Yes yes well, because they too struts about it from the axis pathogenesis I took small size given to mention a couple Try as we already
  • 06:00: we must say that it is necessary so it will be less This sulfur shorter Yuri, I packed Just take a look at this price total cost show all silicone immediately turned 130 240 hryvnia per dollar the two of silicone and say yes for source code properly I repeat from these guys in the shop paid shipping so it is also a plus minus 25 hryvnia say
  • 06:31: how many $ 3 petty so nice Now is the day tacos here This way keeps the Jurassic Now in the hands where now seen the sun had on such a saturated green and if take the clearance and I know it will be seen or no yes here and so Now it becomes machine oil type this here and popularly known as lube here it is for the color that you give me I gave the ripper yeah it is not given to the Rila so the color of the perch
  • 07:00: the largest These colors general date and Madonna here is going to show you and I took just the same silicone Mikado is the name think or under Japanese well, it Polish and by the way I open it smells line from the Mikado skit this bought some smell caramel and some how Riccardo to the frame yes yes Now I say this so I bahnet the seller said I want to choose a shorter
  • 07:31: there hit color silicone obtained 10 and 5 centimeters rather big ripper think Again, that was something to offer Fish just wanted to meet him there they say that I'm I want to say it 3 Briest and his tail on for much Kolbasina given where will be quiet here 10 is of a size centimeter strongly sausage took try yet less work was not choices out there take 8 8 centimeters
  • 08:00: this centimeters size me there blocked silicone fox out there but I've got this I just I took as a I was led not by night catching advertising say the car he to flowers there I also wanted salad was there still cool cassock pulled down the this is the type of machine silicone oil to It is written in blood Moscow he rather bland memory than yes he deal It is that they are different there they know depending on the producer so he Here, too, a Polish
  • 08:31: or Chinese or some, too, over there imitation will not go away ie such rough Also see, too, this pack pack some reason 320 is raspasovku They packaging for five pieces they sell Here is silicone 10 10 half centimeter 450 not the same price acceptable and 50 cents can be say less than the sand colors too and such a minnow
  • 09:00: sand-colored on basically I took that to you rather good I must say this is smell so do not give their children's hands for gun really delicious it's hard to let so that so they are friends for the third time Vova we assembly leave 1 Euro congratulate with new things though bring the trophy pike is not only all the fish We are crossed at you on he is watching pretty good Intelligence is yes so Here is a natural
  • 09:31: points if seen in the sun is good shimmering color a pearl White first means that combed there this development finalized blunt where there are often ads Su waterfall ads Court is well something else type yes when cooler chelena corkscrew and whether Nigel as the Cohn glove is adhered to head turns like when you do not
  • 10:00: separately annealed at kia all as one of the summer well monolith get places it is not there not a flock Well thank you friends for your attention subscribe to channel soon we start here interesting things Yes, I happened I will show you now boat on retuned home from boats are already on the boat Now it was the meeting Well all all all good flowing meetings