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  • 00:00: have programs that allow when you are one computer on the Internet you can see what It occurs at the other your computer or the person with whom you arrange this the and it establishes a as you program ie almost Internet setting program, you can see what happens on the desktop another screen I let the computer
  • 00:30: for now I am screen is not a screen at his laptop I want to work see that I It happens on the the table on the screen home computer or I do not need only look open some files open some documents for this is several programs One of them, Kim whoever you short characteristic of the
  • 01:01: So you can to remotely control your computer so if the partner you sit him here installed and found offered for download free full version it differs you use it for non-commercial purposes if you want to use commercial purposes then you should buy it or you pull out otherwise way there
  • 01:30: several other Programs such radmin but judging by some responsive experience and I he realized radmin connects computers by introducing in certain field values ip computers Program your chat teamviewer it through the Alps it does not work Botha differently there there Haydee have a password which the
  • 02:00: and provides teamviewer radmin on certain posture to you it is also too It requires resources your computer and throughput the ability of your Internet if exaggerated talk and several on takes over resource capabilities and in this respect he is not more convenient and more difficult but it is and at least subjective
  • 02:30: some reviews back to this Program topics I wear already downloaded on home computer I installed it and now I have the same procedure I realized on a laptop open Bookmark or rather Download tools in the browser and it turns out Where teamviewer downloaded me on a laptop open I run it
  • 03:00: It appears lower of the desktop and that's good Welcome them vivir set forth as a Do you want to use teamviewer there must be specify and tick private non-profit I continue to use I accept the terms Agreement I agree all checkboxes below We put it yet he has established It will take a little bit time
  • 03:38: I have it established and we see, we see that it is not It was granted Now a moment and we will cover the cancellation we turn was provided Haydee and flog the same IT and the password has not been
  • 04:00: granted for computer when established program at home here now for not to enter a computer who is my I have to keep the house go here and that I was given when I installed program on computer at home have it I have written you Data can also get the numbers let's say from your partner whose also established teamviewer program at myself and I drive to lead tsiferki 548 674 124
  • 04:40: connect to partner and he is now my It proposes to introduce password on a computer a partner that is, my computer which houses this one password and must keep These figures and the password which affected me on the home computer, and I I go I too wrote
  • 05:00: here password You can be changed by pressing this button I had change here at home this password which we provided teamviewer say the system I program it I changed to a I changed it at home computer and now I drive it Login yes but now I see
  • 05:30: this is my It appears on the computer at home so I previously was, and this sponsored this window she told me the session reflected on your window on the computer screen which I is at home, I would I see now click ok and now I see before a black screen I understand that this to save resources since reflection
  • 06:00: It takes pictures many resources so here provided reflection black Screen at As I then here the screen of my laptop for which I I am now understand It is seen from the blue background black screen is my screen computer which finds a home now I can any any document to open which is located at I have a computer at home while for any
  • 06:30: another computer Let's see let's open understand it does not matter let's see how it all It is working here opens the document please close let's open some sort of Cleaner and I from behind another computer Cleaning your computer mind is not at home but I will not do do and opens for sample we close close this
  • 07:01: button jackets Close all well nothing we again are connecting it was interrupted compound input in Now the system but see impact nothing wrong happened and that between them will close ok then it was nothing no worry let's clean
  • 07:30: will clean no your program It is all catch-up turning back panel tools close very clear it is all the system working deploy toolbar see that we It offers teamviewer action adventure
  • 08:00: sides with a partner turn lock remote computer reboot pass combination key shows probably at a black screen I will round black screen We will not do viewing quality auto selection we will see optimize custom
  • 08:30: settings optimize quality look he will offer us so that it will pass there was some I saw Optimization several icons become so back to as car choice little to no there are any changes scaling original extent of modifications full screen mode let's original We put here on
  • 09:00: change even somewhat better was agree reserve scaling active monitor separate windows we Including these two windows Blue opened it for that I am resolution display all the work that update show remote cursor audi car and sounds computer let me try there any open the audio file we
  • 09:30: see what will we let's open there open firefox hide do not open someone has long been I beg your pardon open tab open youtube youtube and
  • 10:04: anything from the edge a file is empty will play at home so the first instance see when the take place I opened it today
  • 10:38: but God than this function clear we are closing also close open the browser we Mazilu here we we return Now a little bit was to change smaller for this we back to review scaling
  • 11:01: extent of modifications let them be smaller Well, in general function Now we are clear we can engage while on the other the computer computer which have We are in one place the principle operation of this program teamviewer quite understandable enough not add up audio Video file transfer file storage here file transfer local computer
  • 11:30: It is the computer I I understand but that's that for which I I am now this is the computer in I have found house and that the pair I look at the black screen so I can hand over a document transfer the files want here try log file transfer we here which have close me tab I opened here at home
  • 12:00: from here additionally invite another distant portion Printing for doing screenshot record remote update very clear that this for the program who wants and the use and and establish a detailed and examine and not examine all good Now let's see how him to go with him just leave it I think close We try to find out here This is probably a button will close and we click right here
  • 12:31: and so complete free session sponsored topics remember that only for non-commercial we give you for honesty okay-okay all we shut out the program so that keep in mind teamviewer 8 you in such cases, It can be a good a good helper