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  • 00:00: bright pullover of knitwear nato rags warm and very original styles. you can make such a just for the evening the style pullover will be voluminous and free son blood sleeves and knitted cuff belt and such a collar model is suitable for any shape collect beautiful colored scraps back pullover we will make of tyrolean wool and will need its only 60 centimeters but on we will let out the same shelf by invoice knitted scraps Cuff bands will gather
  • 00:30: put together all the color composition of a product add the wool face inside and remove this one measure of girth thighs cut pullovers we will begin from the back of blame bending is noted half measures are in the wind plus 5 centimeters put a mark and through We are conducting a line block length of 30 centimeters in angle draw the neck 8 centimeters wide from it under a small incline draw sleeve width will anoint
  • 01:02: 15 centimeters connect it with block and the corner is rounded off back cut it out with allowances for seams from the scraps we cut out squares with sides 10 centimeters stitched together them among themselves should be here such mat approximately according to the form of the backrest
  • 01:33: now correct we put a shelf back to it we chop and cut excess neck do a little deeper we sew the shoulder seams and lateral add search cuffs and collar Here's a new thing
  • 02:07: colored pullover made of patches will only be at you by the way with a choice the bottom of his problems definitely will not any monochrome things olga nikisicheva Cyril Golubev First channel