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Spiral socks a hook - the 2nd part - Knitting spiral socks crochet  See details »

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  • 00:00: and then you will need to shift towards I have said that that's when knitting this We'll move to the I the right side on a sock that I I have linked I left embarrassed side displacement is very just so we We move one this loop the case will be right respectively instead of the last Wrong column I on the next row I should'll tie face that is at me will front the front
  • 00:31: must now be Another face but with this people and Shaft has got to go the backing bar I have now 2 facial provyazyvayu column there caught somewhere 1 front column and 2 the front bar
  • 01:00: but with this column I can already see a back so nakida and column and respectively then I provyazyvayu 2 backstitches and last backing such as the face way I will one offset column to the right side so
  • 01:31: We need to associate length to us there is no no subtraction is not add loops and at the end here in this of the need to loop diminish but I show us how to socks to do so One more thing that now I have I am doing the right offset side one column and the next series I knit unchanged that is, I see two series without shifting the there's just such a
  • 02:00: way and then again I do first displacement we shift a number of second dovyazyvaem without offset then again shimmy second row without bias so etc. And now, behold, I linked to the length of the rock and now I need It is linked toe here I am loops diminish I will diminish follows on
  • 02:31: the first row only backstitches loops koch I'll decrease one loop wherein But on this I socks Bates first and a second that is 1 and 2 and knit together last loop naturally Knit 1, but on the second toe as they relate symmetrically here You will need to take off not the first and second second and third to drawing turned symmetric
  • 03:00: respectively I next row updating the same to me will be two column, I diminishing its these two columns to one column so I go purl loops and then I I will diminish facial and so at first I You will need to get through facial three columns
  • 03:41: then knit backing bar and then 2 backstitches column knit together the
  • 04:03: I have first and knit sc then all the loops together so I have two columns will One more I dovyazyvayu the number 3 facial and purl 1 2 backstitches 1 wrong, and so I finished knitting this series connecting a first style and more
  • 04:33: I need to tie the next row on the next row the remaining 2 backstitches column I provyazyvayu one that now I provyazyvayu 3 facial 1 2 3 3
  • 05:05: and now 2 backstitches in one column ie I picks for first column provyazyvayu sc then here for these two essentially because they linked to one column also provyazyvayu and sc then completely column now I There are 2 turns one
  • 05:33: on knitting We reiterate that there are three facial and these 2 in 1 column and purl so I finished and still we is now 3 and 1 facial Wrong on the ground I wear Bates follows the I have 2 provyazyvala and a third face
  • 06:00: front with seamy provyazyvala together facial respectively here on This sock that was symmetrically you need to knit wrong with 1 face facial and then face 2 separate personal and Now I'm going to it make friends and engages the underside face so wait a second given provyazyvayu
  • 06:34: and only sc respectively front first as facial provyazyvayu and only sc I connect the loop together so that's I'm way more 2 facial provyazyvayu which I stayed facial
  • 07:01: then the procedure that is repeated seamy provyazyvayu front Only where there nakida our strength and respectively the front face of sc and the entire column together then make a connection and then again facial remaining 2 facial
  • 07:36: and so on up the end of the series and so I finished We connect with the beginning knitting now I will diminish the remaining facial loops Now here I am this
  • 08:01: the first combined pair provyazyvayu floor that is, the front and only sc connect it to the next front I make one column from how to face and loops leaving from wrong and next face the there will I in the end this is now united front two front and which I now
  • 08:30: knit one face you now have two then make loops same provyazyvaem front Only through sc Now this pair and through next front Only then sc combine in a column and etc. And now, behold, I
  • 09:00: I did decrease hinges significantly decreased and now add the remaining facial loops that is, the first pair Again I provyazyvayu together with the rest face now I provyazyvayu and sc the rest face loop sc together then the same thing we doing that is here at
  • 09:30: I have a couple provyazyvayu and sc the rest face sc and connects two loops together After you done you will remain small hole, and here I am I recommend a loops collect on two hooks I usually I show a without using columns sc
  • 10:00: we just pull bars eyelets rather it is more convenient to do it on two hooks that is here One more take 2 similar in size and the rest gets the second hook so now I collecting bars
  • 10:33: and then provyazyvaete first with tabs a hook so as then from February 1 this here eyelet thus nosochek It will be completed there is only make binding the thread can be even 2 times
  • 11:04: and then need to cut tail clean it inside knitting