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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends in touch with you Claudia and root now prepare plain cookie is Milled sugar is the simplest is can can at the housewives here I It took 300 grams of flour then 300 grams It should be somewhere around 10 gram of baking powder is one tea spoon to take nearly 18 as less than
  • 00:30: half since then 100 gram of the oil melted take 180 g of cream Knead the dough and the enemy I I have kneaded look what elastic get dough
  • 01:00: nothing more has added all this dough very good so that It can be anything here add oil melt or so soft and sour cream or place of sour cream yogurt you can take and here Now we give him put to rest So I save it myself eyes and minutes twenty-fridge I send and when the dough has rested, we little table
  • 01:30: Sprinkle with flour and roll out our dough this way and that about we are doing means I have the I have a cookie mold and such cookies and turns dipped in sugar and
  • 02:00: I put on a leaf I dipped in Soho leaf on a greased put oil you can cut any and now our cookies
  • 02:31: semi-finished product at leaf see what krasivenkoe there is not one such but really it turned anything I put in oven heated to 200 degrees to golden color Well ten minutes and can smaller and off it will be ready theme it is good shortbread dough Oven me I have warmed I put and now I have got pastry deserve it even is but but you can see everything but that much was not dry and this is our
  • 03:02: cookies already on preparing a plate it without eggs and all that you have no sour cream put mayonnaise very fast preparing very yes very tasty tea good nice appetite and good luck cook with pleasure raduyte their loved ones