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  • 00:00: Welcome guest in jelly fox Today we draw so stubborn but all sorts of fatty chronic and general very different from tablecloths and towels let's kitchen see that we It needs first all large pan which we We do not use for cooking may be aluminum enamelled any what a pity you do not have I have already in the pan
  • 00:31: just boil water I poured two tablespoons absolutely powder any cheap dear all i tried all different They work very well This, too, we do not spoon use to cooking or it is important we continue to we need bleach and powder is not more bleach and
  • 01:00: they stain remover there are different too all what this use is not matter again the two spoons in boiling water restaurant i'tikaaf boils and most 2 spoons unexpected vegetable oil unrefined any two tablespoons spoons
  • 01:32: so please show we clever I have a towel kitchen in it most various stains from apricots from some coffee from Kaka did not know any different as you can see towel dirty I I tried to erase it a machine that does not wash out send our the pot further in
  • 02:01: I have a tablecloth This will be an experiment This I have not I tried to withdraw as you see the tablecloth pure in the sense of only the washed but not starched hatched spots probably the wine is I suspect that's it I think these spots year Ten to send it carry what recently in the closet and I not very long ago enjoyed see how It will help our method withdraw such old to her I too once
  • 02:35: be sure to keep in mind it is not necessary in this by a quote tablecloths towels different colors once like my orange stingrays little painted over blue towel while all very good from erased spots fat two to three years givens me were shot Now I cover
  • 03:00: cover and simply I leave to cool when fully su I cool it all together let down together with this water and throwing washing machine and I put that and rinsed get out and then by weight and it dries all in general is it can be done with hand rinse Of course machines it is easier for a meeting to I also came a few days but
  • 03:30: tablecloths and towels laundered troops but before say results experiment also I will say a few words about that at first I wrong to say I told him to transfer unrefined any oil must be to refine and honestly I do not know if the difference or not but I always do with refined I'm sorry it was just sea and error the second is still very importantly perhaps someone He knows just should only be
  • 04:00: natural fabrics are not afraid boiling can omit them in water with temperature 100 degrees is needed to consider if your just launch spam or Something like this Synthetic she can deteriorate so keep that in mind 5 results and decide experiment towel and simply crystal clear if it can be said towels very clean and everything absolutely the departed
  • 04:31: same about the tablecloth I can not even add up and this side where there were spots because I can not find them absolutely nothing It remains honest speaking even a little surprised but such wonderful results but in fact this method yet disabled all absolutely I spot I tried invest washed situation when I had two Soak times so that's The first time I soaked I washed on the spot a little bit more
  • 05:00: left then I for the second time just did exactly the same steps into the hot water with these jumps butter and lowered I washed again to the second time was deduced all so I wish you good luck with your experiments and hope that it is It helps keep your favorite tablecloth and towels all good so far