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2-A hat the children's Crochet Cap warmed by a hook-2chast\/Baby  See details »

Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: dovyazali number to the end go to bollards the front wall and perform
  • 00:39: a few centimeters about four five white yarn knit
  • 01:11: three rows of white threads of and introduce bumps I introduce the cones every three elements I have obtained that here these the customer received exactly 33 couples so it was convenient to be divided into three and get 11 knobs These elements Well, you see for yourself how you divided It may be you will have a good share of 4 can be 4 or 5, in principle, it does not meaning
  • 01:43: a little bit less often shishechek step and now after I these elements thread here I simply changed tied bump then We continue to knit columns without sc lilac thread laying between the posts within that is, it does not hang
  • 02:13: all hidden in this way a number of cups and then again 3 series white followed by another series of knobs in the chess order between the cones It has 3 rows of white Now you can already move on to trim I want you show all the same as I implemented this lump for those who do not know
  • 02:44: how it's done let's say we need to enter bumps here change thread dragged here hook grab thread perform three air loops white little remains on the hook
  • 03:14: Now perform a column 1 sc Another one now we have three loops on the hook and white 4 is performed via the loop Typically, air loop and then continued to knit lilac laying thread a white perform a column without sc and further on in this way were binding thread hide
  • 03:46: until the next cones and now a number of 3 air loop -arochek We attach the air loop in the base through one time through one based attach therefore perform a number to the end
  • 04:33: finished series arches Now we need to get to the top 2 arches make the air under the arch and now vyvyazyvayut bars 4 the arch and attach to the next arch coupling loop
  • 05:06: one two three four the next arch connecting loop This continues throughout this series dovyazali until the end
  • 05:48: harness and now in the last lilac stretch thread we have it right here and we do now ears columns and we need to return the number of loops which was t we but drunk connection two loops
  • 06:18: between connection columns that is even possible to count 4 5 6 columns so we need to restore take over the stenochki previous row 6
  • 06:55: ie look we have at this stage arochki attachment columns 4 four tables provyazyvaem
  • 07:30: 2 step over one to the number save 4 and go four posts and so on for four posts
  • 08:15: in this way add the cap in half knit up from addition and plus
  • 08:45: two arches further ie still Bind Now lilac threads of Here I have captured two together with a gap and now turn around 1 on the rise for both walls
  • 09:15: reversed So I came back to this place lilac thread you need to do the same only now in this direction the only thing we have now to knit seamy side
  • 09:46: but the essence remains the same so so Again, we need to tie bars for stenochki and 4 One arch and compound and here have crossed
  • 10:17: in 1 4 and in the interval fourth so parallel means we need as much element
  • 10:47: this way to link to the same Now this place But on the bumps here We are also now in the opposite
  • 11:25: side to the center columns, without sc
  • 12:02: This place made a connection here loop so caught up in this ryadochki manner Now continue in this direction before the end of ryadochka we continue bars at the end of this series do the following We stretch a loop
  • 12:34: the last two loops provyazyvaem together in order to obtain the slope one hand well before the end of this series and at the end We do the same ie three loops together column of the next hole
  • 13:04: left
  • 13:39: two loops and again provyazyvaem one second and 3 together and here First performed again in the hole and so we have to be reduced loop not long remain on end of the three columns
  • 14:09: a triangle is obtained ear we see that there are here three columns Now we do the following tie one do nedovyazyvaem column with nakida times column 2
  • 14:41: and column 3 nedovyazyvaem and all four together provyazyvaem one air loop All we are ready now we need Go to to this side second eyelet for this knit columns But in the transverse ranks
  • 15:12: one step about one column transverse obtained and means
  • 15:44: to end here little corner and similarly second eyelet Now one two three four five
  • 16:14: six elements Now up to this point back also perform We are not dovyazali two again do and 3 together again should be done and so on until the four columns
  • 16:45: since then until we have a decrease as soon as it was at the eye of the previous 4 loop together and also the last 4 column fulfilled with sc close all air 1 Now
  • 17:21: white thread tip Mandela today do here Now one air pyatlyu side by side There is a hole which carry bollards
  • 17:51: free 4 into one hole and now join following hole connection column do again We find the next hole perform column 1 u2 3 and 4
  • 18:25: attach in the next hole like this so that's fans will do 4 is obtained by a fan
  • 19:01: from each side abalone go to back stenochku I oblige in 1 I am attaching the base loop 1 and so through the base loop I make a fan
  • 19:32: in 1 and here to the eyelet after 1 we can say attach It should also get 4 fans