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"Секреты setochka in Irish кружеве" (Svetlana Shevchenko's MK)  See details »

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  • 00:08: I want to show now! rather complicated moment when mesh knitting Now we need to go through cord Bourdon and attach to the grid this dispute we make 2 sc go through our cord like that for two slices do more
  • 00:33: then one sc We attach syakko mesh to the side cells like this Now in one step provyazyvaem two loops and
  • 01:01: on the cord passes via a cord and then knit a column with three sc 1 sc we already knit here Here are 3 of the second and all together here and here we turned I get long column ie column three sc while he and keeps our nur on Bourdon ie at the same time we attached here can be and also continue to knit
  • 01:30: also extend such complex plots