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  • 00:00: consequence you You know from the past video I'm I katish Irina on sister, I am interested all that concerns hair I would now like to show you how properly weave cascading cash is It has done very quickly simply turns she is very beautiful it looks great on long hair and on the average length hair that is its can be used gulyanok any means
  • 00:30: we must first well timed track to become hair make it easier weave braid Here it is necessary to separate the look carefully Now this part so that we had then spit will this way to the right
  • 01:00: side and around us take is to accept shared in triplicate I hope that all of the seen and the start weave French braid as usual woven that is here
  • 01:30: further be careful here strand that goes down we leave her and take the other strand Now Katyusha I will helping take another strand of bottom instead her place her but since then then we take hence another strand next to at
  • 02:00: steve our scythe like this Again strand that below we leave it free feed stage down and take following a strand here So neatly to
  • 02:40: no sign defects like this next we lock We descend and take another strand following
  • 03:17: slightly but the strand take the bottom, and weave so we take this set from above hide descend
  • 03:48: following and price our cascading Spit
  • 04:22: ready here as we started this trial, we weaving So I hope to be seen then we are not slaughtered we see points so that it kept and here's how it looks as a whole up beauty if and desire that is scythe
  • 04:53: can be extended and back of the head that is, to find as it would in a semicircle here here now so that It could be seen but I think this for Katie option looks interesting so we decided to make it so so look to our Further video we will you please our pigtails hairpieces packings and all that concerns
  • 05:23: hair happy until